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How to create a successful campaign in Google Ads? 🥇

Professional advice to create a campaign in Google Ads


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Google Ads groups all the channels to announce to you in Google, YouTube and its partners, between which they are more of a million websites. In the year 2000 when Google sent its Adwords platform, only 350 advertisers participated, almost 20 years later Google Ads moves more than 52,000 million dollars per year, in which it is without a doubt best option SMEs to occur to know through Internet.

Table of content

  1. Evolution of the consumer, you must relate to you to them through online means
  2. Advantages of the stores online in front of the physical stores
  3. It is difficult to manage a store online?
  4. Recommendations in the design ofyour store online so that it prevails
  5. What I must do after creating my store online so that it works?

Google Ads has great advantages, that your business can be useful:

  • You are going to arrive at the public who really looks for your products or services.
  • It allows you to segment by interests, sex and age.
  • It allows to action of remarketing through his sites affiliates between which are the main mass media.
  • It allows to realise a pursuit of your investment in publicity by means of conversions.
  • Manager can be integrated with other products of Google as Analytics, Tag or Studio Data, being able to manage all the digital marketing of the company from a single point.

But also it has some disadvantages:

  • It is a publicity that being optimized cannot be expensive since the costs by click are normally high.
  • To be optimized it requires of qualified personnel, esxperto in Business Integillence.
  • Its system of bids up can be very variable based on the moment of the time.
  • It needs knowledge advanced in each one of the tools that componene: Search, Display, YouTube, Shopping

Although he is recommendable to count on an Expert Agency in Google Ads as ours, we are going to give a series to you of advice to create a successful campaign in Google Ads.

To execute an effective campaign of Google Ads requires an intelligent work.It cannot simply throw 5000 to Google and to hope to obtain potential clients, this does not work thus.However, you must makethe duties and to take advantage of the tools the platform Ads makes your available.

In order to begin, these are some of the steps key that you must follow if it wishes to maximize your ROI in your campaign of Google Ads.

1. It understands your business and why it servesGoogle Ads

Before investing a single Euro in a campaign of Google Ads, it is important to include the strengths and weaknesses of your business. He is very typical to remain blocked at the time of writing the announcement or an extension of text. But this is due that you do not know well your business. It thinks who are your clients? why they buy to you and not to your competition? what does to you different? Adsis excellent to obtain specific, highly measurable results and fast that give to the generation of sales and potential clients well but first of all you must know who are.

On the other hand, Google Adsrequires a significant and continuous investment, and each impression or click is pleased.Generally,it is nota profitable tool for the recognition of the brand, for it exist other channels of marketing as the Social Networks.This, in addition, is agravated because the recognition of the brand is difficult to measure in the platform of Google Ads, practically only we counted on the metric impressions as trustworthy, however in the Social Networks we have an endless ones of indicating keys related to engagement.

Through Google Ads you are going to obtain valuable data envelope how they look for your clients or as they prefer to turn, this will provide a data set to you that you will be able to use for example in the announcements that you realise in your Social Networks.

2. Ten a specific objective for each campaign and you do not combine them

It is easy to become too ambitious with a campaign of AdWords, especially if you glide to spend a significant part of your budget of marketing.Nevertheless, it is essential thatto choosea specific objective for each campaign.To do will improve it drastically the ROI of the campaign. If for example you have a store of automobile spare parts, you can determine different objectives based on products and create a campaign for each product. You will verify quickly that the ROI is greater announcing windshield wiper in a specific campaign that announcing it within a campaign of spare parts generally. To combine objectives when the products or services do not have anything to do to each other is one of the great errors that comment in Google Ads.

3. It creates a landing page for your campaigns

But crealá well, since one landing page badly created can be a mortal trap for your budget. Perhaps the greatest and more common error that they commit the new companies inGoogle Ads is to direct the traffic from its announcements to the pages of home of its sites.In fact, the home pages are the worse site to the one thanto direct the traffic. The users look for something specific when they look for.When directing them to your page of home, that probably has at least one dozen of elements and different options, simply there are lost his time (and your money).

However, you must create highly specific pages of destiny that directly approach the consultation that the user joined Google.The destiny pages always must be of a single intention.There isan objective of conversion and a clear way towards that objective so that the user follows it. It thinks which is the objective, that sends a form to you soliciing information, that they arrange an appointment, that subscribe to your service From I recommend to you there to see since it makes your competition and draw up a mental scheme of how convincing a user who does not know you which he takes to end the action.

4. It creates several versions of the announcement thinking about your users

Google Ads allows you to create up to 3 versions of your announcement. In order to create a successful campaign in Google Ads you must try with several announcements. Google will determine what is the one that better works to fulfill your objectives. Some small changes in the versions of the announcement as the use of different calls from the action can have significant impacts in the yield. Always tenth to our clientswho in an initial stage do not have, to only look at the level of conversions also the information that Google Ads generates of its campaign.The data that compile at the outset allow you to center your campaign (and your budget) in the versions of their announcement that work better.

With the adaptable announcements search you can create a high combination of possibilities for your announcement. Although by experience not always the adaptable announcements search are those that generate majors yields.

5. It establishes a filtrate plan of keywords

It begins by more specific keywords and it sees opening them generic as it advances your campaign. This he is one of the great errors in the proprietors of SMEs that try to campaign by itself. I came so that they make use of the Express tool of Google Ads, so that think well that most suitable it is a strategy to go to by all?. Center in specific products or services to you, and verify that there is sufficient volume search. From it sees here adding more generic keywords. Thus you will only know that searches or announcements are more profitable for your business.

6. Test, test and test. Beam use of the option of Experiments in Google Ads

The work of a campaign of marketing of Google Ads never finishes.Once it is in operation your campaign, you must make adjustments constantly and incorporate the multiple new features that Google Ads adds to its advertising system continuously.Test small variations in the announcements, key words, pages of destiny and any other thing that you can think to see what works and what no.

A small improvement in the ROI even can mark a great long term difference, so mantedlo in your campaign.

Why to count on an expert Agency in Google Ads to manage your campaigns?

Funnytaf can help you as Agency certified to improve the efficiency of your campaigns. Since we have commented to you in this article is not only enough with investing the money in Google and you must invest it following your business correctly, your clients objective and even if you arrange or not of E-Commerce. If you want that we advise to you without commitment contacts now with us.

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