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We were before a world totally digitized, gives equal the sector to which you dedicate yourself between our clients we have companies of the world of the fashion, the tourism, the industry, the transport or the events and for all have been necessary to face the digital transformation of their business. Tenth that nowadays any business that is not in Internet loses an important number of clients to the year, after all it resigns to a part of the market, that following the sector can get to be important. In our Agency of Digital Marketing we want to give some keys you so that you face this process correctly especially if you are thought about realising a store online.

So that you see the importance of the digitalis, in 2018a 46% of the traditional storesclosed itsestablishments and a 69% of the tax exemptions also were seen in the necessity to take the same step, according to the data of a recentreport of Geoblink. Although we do not want to give to an apocalyptic vision of the traditional commerce numbers as these indicates to us that every day that happens you are losing opportunities. As in all the technological revolutions you need investment and time, but accompanied doing it and with experts in Digital Marketing will cause that everything is easier and the results cost less in arriving

According to gone away data of BBVA Research,e-commerceis in the crest of the wave with respect to the traditional commerce supposing near 20% of the volume ofthe sales with cardin the 2018, whereas in the 2015 this quota it was of a 11% of the transactions. This supposes that the sales online still are complementary for a business that is 100% physicist. Therefore you do not hope that at the present time your sales online are going to replace the physical ones but to that a 20% more of annual sales are attractive for your business?

Table of content

  1. Evolution of the consumer, you must relate to you to them through online means
  2. Advantages of the stores online in front of the physical stores
  3. It is difficult to manage a store online?
  4. Recommendations in the design ofyour store online so that it prevails
  5. What I must do after creating my store online so that it works?

Evolution of the consumer, you must relate to you to them through online means

The present consumer with the one of 5 years ago is not comparable. These not only have evolved with the technology but also that the technology has evolved with the habits of the consumers. You can think about as you were related to the world online some ago years, probably you read blogs and you participated in forums, but was not one of your priorities to buy through Internet. Today we are sure that purchases by Internet. The stores online are not only for great brands, one of the advantages to have a physical store is that you can convince them so that they continue his relation with you in the Web through a store online. And thus it happens with the clients of our Agency of Marketing Online.

The new digital consumer. He already transforms your business with a store online.

The consumer has changed, for that reason one of the best decisions than you can take in your company is to initiate a strategy of digital marketing that generates sales.

We must have in accountour objective public and with this its necessity of purchase. In the majority of the businesses online the public to whom he is oriented is to the calls millennialsa digital generation, demanding and totally unpredictable that waits for a different approach on the part of the brands. But not only millenials, your store online must be prepared for all type of public, tools as the chat of attention to the client can less facilitate the purchase to those familiarized people with the new technologies. Still there are many buyers in Internet that demand a customized treatment and when designing a store online is necessary to consider all the clients objective of your business.

All this is a challenge for the brands since it is a system totally different from the traditional one and this supposes a new reform to the established system.The main challenge of the brands will be to arrive at the end-user, with a value proposal differential as much in the channelonlineas in the physical store. The reputationonlinewill be more and more important to generate confidence on the part of the consumers and the physical stores will have to take advantage of all the information their clients to personalize the experience?, explains Lepage.

If still doubts if to take the step to the world online, from Funnytaf we want to clarify to you which are the advantages for your business.

Advantages of the stores online in front of the physical stores

If you are conscious of the change that needs your business surely you will have hefted the advantages that a store has online. In Funnytaf we clarified the advantages to you that it generally has for a traditional commerce to give the jump the online one:

  1. You open your company to the world.It is able to break the physical barriers that they limit your business. When it give the jump to the digital world you can forget to you the necessity to have a good location and the costs that this entails, the publicity offline as pamphlets, door-to-door, etc. From your store online you can sell to the entire world.
  2. New clients. With a local business you will only be able to arrive at the clients who approach your store, or are faithful clients or which they happen in front of this, to solve thisproblem you must create a store online. Thanks to Internet he gives equal where one is the client and the hour strip, will only concern the good thing that it is your product, your brand and the experience that the client has with store online.
  3. You reduce costs. When opening a local business the costs always will be superiors that the opening of a store online for that reason the majority of companies decide on the creation of this. It does not mean that the world online replaces offline, but is a complement as key of the success of the business.
  4. They do not exist hour, being an impulse for the sales.A great advantage to have a store online is that they do not exist hour, reason why the client will be able to buy the 365 days of the year to any hour. Thus we will contribute another positive experience to the consumer.
  5. Low cost of publicity. Through a store online you will be ableto arrive by means of Campaigns of Google Ads, Social Ads and Posicionamiento SEO to your potential client.

It is difficult to manage a store online?

With Entrebits, you will have all the necessary help so that your clients feel satisfied and can interact with your brand when they need it, taking an image of the company who never will forget. You will be able to arrive easily at your public, to catch new clients and to increase the sales. Nowadays all the systems of store online are autogestionables and highly are automated.

You will be able to carry out by same you the basic operations as the control of stocks, the home of promotions or the product ascent. Despite it is important that you count mainly on a specialized maintenance for storesonline if you decide on a manager of contents as WooCommerce or Prestashop.

To manage a store online is not difficult, and less if you put yourself into the hands of the best professionals, many of our clients already have prevailed in the world online but And you, to what delays?

Nowadays the stores online are easily autogestionables. From movable devices you will be able to follow your sales, even to control stock, etc

Recommendations in the design ofyour store online so that it prevails

So that a store project online prevails you must consider some aspects. If accounts with an expert Agency in the development of stores online as Funnytaf our equipment implements them in your project.

1- It is not worth any design, must transmit the values of your brand.This it must be in agreement with the corporative identity of the company (colors, typography, logo) and most important agreed to the last tendencies of your sector. Here it is where the design of your store plays an important role, must transmit confidence, pays to gain you to the user from the first moment that visits your store online.

2- To improve the user experience.To adapt it to all the types of devices and to include a section where the user can find our data of contact are vital. Still nowadays there is a percentage of the population very lifted that is not familiarized with the purchase online or simply they are not entrusted, for that reason to have tools as a chat can help you to turn more into your store online.

3- Creation of a Newletter.The public who receives it, previously has accepted the publicity shipment and information of your company to its e-mail and really concerns your content to him. Thanks to it, you can be able to influence in your subscribers turning them into faithful clients and the best thing: to create to newletter for your store online does not require a great economic investment.

4- Creation of contents.We must contribute to our store online photographies with good quality, videos and even the creation of a corporative blog. The blog nowadays continues being the strategy for positioning SEO that we recommended from our agency, in addition can help you to improve the recurrence of your visitors. He is recommendable that before sending your store online you count on several articles in the blog.

What I must do after creating my store online so that it works?

To have a store online does not ensure the success to you unless you have a referring image name brand in your sector. As normally this is not thus we are going to give you some recommendations so that serves the major divided for your store online after sending it.

Agency of Digital Marketing Analytical Web to see the origin of your sales.

The objective of a strategy of digital marketing must be to attract traffic of different channels by means of segmented strategies.

1. It creates a positioning strategy SEO for your store online. As tool of long term marketing the SEO continues being profitable. Worry to you that your store online is optimized for SEO, reviews his pages, categories and products. The SEO requires much certainty and patience for that reason if you are of the people who need to see quick results you can try with a SEM campaign.

2. Test with SEM, Google Ads. Google Ads offers to you to leave in the first positions of Google paying, in addition with Google Shopping you will be able to show to your products in the part superior of the finder when somebody looks for them. If you sell very specific or associate things to concrete brands Google Shopping are very profitable for you.

3. Social networks. Through the Social Networks you can improve your image name brand and to arrive at new clients thanks to the Social Ads. The great advantage that offers the Social Networks is that you can arrive by means of the segmentation at those people who really are interested in your product.

4. Offline with the online one connects the world. He is something that always we recommended from our digital agency of marketign but that all the clients do not do. And it is simply to inform to your clients into the channel offline of which you have a store online. The being your clients already know your brand, and is simpler than they go to the digital world. You can foment the purchasesof assiduous clients to your physical store offering coupons to use in the store online or subscribing them to the Newsletter.

If not yet you have given the jump to the digitalis you are losing sales. Ponte into the hands of an expert Agency in digital marketing and begins with your digital transformation. It contacts now with us and we will advise to you without commitment.

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