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5 reasons to include a Virtual Tour in your business

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We have entered in the last months a new model of marketing, focused without a doubt to the virtual reality and the routes of 360 degrees. This model has been the turn out to improve what until now it had been obtained, to see from a webpage any business and company and its products. The technology has advanced and we have arrived at a point where experiencial marketingis the model of more important indirect sale.

In order to be able to propagate this model of experiencial marketing Google it has established the first steps than it will be a route that will continue evolving in the next years. We do not forget that this model of experiencial marketing has obtained thanks to the possibilities of the cameras 360 and in this Google sense it has understood the necessity to adapt his cards of Google My Business to this new frame of sale. For that reason a section of 360 has including within it cards of Google My Business which allows to raise these routes and making possible a new type of interaction with our possible clients.

But to see the importance that it has to include the tour virtual in 360 we have summarized it in five great keys.

Five reasons to include a Virtual Tour 360 in our Google My Business

1. We complete our Google My Business.

Our card of Google My Business is not only a forgotten access whereit appears with the results of Google our company. Our card must be our virtual showcase, that this good completed with great amount of quality photographies, which they renew periodically, our commercial information, hour type, special schedules, telephone, access to our Web, etc.To include in addition the virtual route is to complete our card satisfactorily in such a way that our clients you find differentiation with respect to our competition that does not have it.

2 Google awards in positioning that 360 includes the virtual routes

To include these routes is not any whim, no longer begins to be a necessity only from the sighting point of the possible exigencies of our client, but of own the Google that our positioning will improve and relevance in the searches that become in this finder.

3. The virtual routes are testeados by Google

Although a specialized company as Entrebits in Design virtual Web Seville and Virtual routes and Tours 360 we have the capacity to do it, will be own the Google that under some standard of quality approves the route, of such form that the final work will be been from ensured success.

4. Visibility

To include the virtual reality of 360 is to then increase to our visibility after all all sum?, with this we mean that it is important to have all the resources available in My Business of satisfactory form, which will report in addition a greater visibility to us in Google Maps, climbing positions if we were able to have a visual impact showing our business.

5 Seguir the technological tendencies

To bet by the tendencies in technology isto recognize that we worried about our possible digital clients, of such more real and present form who we offer a more complete service. After all meaning that our company wants to be in the new modalities of interaction with the users and who we want that they see us of a young and present form.

In Entrebits design Web Seville we are a company of confidence for Google for the accomplishment ofTours Virtual 360, having experience in all type of projects and with the technical capability to develop Webs under a frame of experiencial marketing thanks to the virtual reality.

It does not doubt in contacting with our equipment, without commitment any.

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