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8 Tendencies in Digital Marketing 2019


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In the last years, digital marketing has been changing continuously, presenting new tendencies and tools for the business online.

As they advance these in the scope of digital marketing, the companiesmust update and know as they are the tendencies in digital marketing to adapt to the new habits of consumer 2.0.

Butwhat means tendency in digital marketing?

We can say that tendency is when a market undergoes a clear movement and sharp. At the moment digital marketing is in a continuous change reason why constantly we must change the use tools to make arrive our business at the potential client.

It is not a task easy of adapting to these changes,for that reason we explained the 8 last tendencies to you in digital marketing of 2019 thus to be able to take your at the most high business.

Every time they are plus the users in Internet and by consequence the realised purchases. We were enough before clients informed and safe of its decisions of purchase. In this point it is where the agencies of digital marketing would have to enter to help the brand to create a strategy adapted to these new needs.

Once you have definition of course and you know the importance the tendencies to include them within your strategy of digital marketing, we are going to know the new features that we presented to you.

8 tendencies in Marketing Online 2019

Table of content

  1. Video Marketing to drive the sales online of your company
  2. IGTV Instagram as tool of Video Marketing
  3. Integration of Chatbots in your design Web
  4. Marketing of influencers
  5. Search by voice a new form to position to you in Google
  6. App social mail
  7. Visual navigation a new form to attract traffic your store online
  8. Stories in Social Networks revolution in digital marketing

1. Video Marketing to drive the sales online of your company

In 2019 the use of the video in the campaigns of digital marketing will intensify, some data in which we leaned are:

70% of the consumers admit to have shared the video of a brand.

72% of the companies say that thanks to use videos have improved their rate of conversion.

52% of the consumers say that to see product videos it in line makes more insurances in the decisions of purchase.

Not only it is necessary to consider YouTube, also is possible to be made a publication of video or live to be initiated a transmission on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The live video is gaining popularity, with a great number of companies that use it for interviews, demonstrations of products and events, the life in the office, how the products make, etc.

Thanks to the few costs that need, the companies and the salesmen customized messages of video instead of telephone calls or e-mails go to.

YouTube and other videos are in the SERPs (pages of results of the finders), reason why the SEO of video is more and more important, as the use of text superpositions and subtitles, in addition to their description, title and file name.

Finally, the content of video of 360 degrees, allows a more interactive experience, and is in increase.

From our agency of digital marketing we recommended to you that if you want to begin to create a strategyyou can throw a look to him to one of our articles: To create a strategy

tendencies in digital marketing

2. IGTV Instagram as tool of Video Marketing

In 2018 Instagram it sent IGTV, their new platform of video dedicated exclusively to users of mobiles, since its reproduction is vertical and, therefore, totally adapted for his visualization in the screens of reduced so large of smartphones.

At the moment, it has more than 4 million daily interactions and with an average of participation that surpasses in a 23% to Facebook.

Creativity is thought as a space it and to interact with the public.

This format is the future, reason why the implementation of the channel of Instagram in your brand is fundamental to hit hearings.

5 keys to take advantage of to the maximum IGTV as strategy digital marketing

- It understands how the tool works (he is more similar to a TV channel that to a social network).

- It contributes quality, originality and innovation in your contents.

- It thinks about the duration according to is your hearing.

- Frequency (to make notice your activity and that you are participating).

- It creates exclusive videos for this platform.

Facebook continues being a very important tool in any company, we left some reasons here you: How to sell more by Facebook

tendencies in digital marketing

3. Integration of Chatbots in your design Web

This technology is based on the instantaneous mail to chatear in real time, by day or at night, with its clients or visitors of the site.

According to our experience as agency of digital marketing, many users prefer to interact with chatbots since they are receptive, they respond fast, they remember all their file of purchases accurately and they never lose the patience.

These virtual assistants offer an excellent service, satisfying the expectations with the clients and automating the repetitive tasks, which means that it can concentrate itself in more important works.

He allows advantages as:

- Saving of costs in personnel of attention to the client.

- Easier and agile interaction with the client.

An example of it, is Uber, where to communicate with the clients it even facilitates the rent to them of automobiles on Facebook Messenger, from Slack or through Google Maps.

The passengers can use the menu to choose the type of trip, to realise a request, to track the location of the automobile, to send to their friendly a considered time of their arrival and to even realise the payment.

tendencies in digital marketing

4. Marketing of influencers

It is a very effective tool to attract clients.

The influential ones can be celebrities, stars of Instagram or YouTube, bloggers and well-known journalists.

The public of influencer generally trusts his opinions on the different brands. One looks for to create complicity and confidence between brand, to influencer and clients.

Bets by microinfluencers

They are usuary rather more with a reduced community, emphasize to go to more specific hearings, but they secure a closer relation with his followers. For that reason many agencies of digital marketing trust them to make new strategies.

The advantages to incorporate to microinfluencer to a strategy are:

- Smaller investment, since they suppose a reduced budget more.

- Contents to size, very focused to concrete niches.

- A rate of lifted conversion, dice engagement of microinfluencers.

tendencies in digital marketing

5. Search by voice a new form to position to you in Google

Recently the users of Internet make their searches through assistants of voice as they can be Google Home, Siri, Alexa This also does that the companies change their strategy of digital marketing in 2019.

In 2020 50% of the searches will be by voice. Many consider these searches as the fourth channel of sales. Reason why it is of necessity that the brands review their strategy of optimization of web search engines (SEO).

In the future, the announcements for this type of channel will arrive. The publication form no longer will be the traditional one but it is recommended that at the time of writing the announcement it is in a conversation tone, the right thing would be to obtain outstanding fragments of Google with keywords thatthe user will say instead of to write them.

An example would be:

Alexa, what computer you recommend to me?

Alexa will recommend the first phelp announcement to you, in the case that does not interest to him already will show products to him by natural positioning.

tendencies in digital marketing

6. App social mail

Not only they are to contact with your friendly circle, but also that the companies use this tool as strategy of digital marketing, observes the following data:

Facebook has 1,3 trillions of monthly active users in Messenger. Every month people and companies of Facebook Menssenger are sent 2 billion of messages between.

WhatsApp has 1,3 trillions of monthly active users and 55 billions are sent every day.

This shows the swelling that has had in recent years the social networks and therefore the height to us of companies that have risen the car thus to give to more visualization to their products or services.

This mail also helps you to send customized messages to the clients (another tendency) and this foments the experience of the user with the brand.

Usually it appears to us when we entered a webpage, lies down online or in a Fan Page de Facebook where the brand asks to you in case you need something. This is chatbots. If you do not know how to tie your chat of Facebook with your store online or webpage we can help you.

tendencies in digital marketing

tendencies in digital marketing

7. Visual navigation a new form to attract traffic your store online

The experience of this method search can take to the user to another level.

This tool is based on the attractive line of vision that can generate the content based on images. In the era of influencers the brands want to emphasize that we wish its reflected them products seeing in referring people. From this necessity 21Buttons arises par excellence where influencers shares their articles and accessories, giving him the possibility to the user of clicar in the image to know from where it is and its price.

This resource comprises of the last tendencies in Instagram and Facebook. is a tool very where the brand can show to products in its Time line and their followers can buy it directly. With this we adapted to the exigencies of the digital consumer, as we already explained in our previous publication.

Recent studies demonstrate that to put the connection in publications it does not generate direct visits to the webpage. With this tool which we obtained it is that the user who is interested in our product accedes to our store online to be able to buy it.

8. Stories in Social Networks revolution in digitalmarketing

We can classify this tendency in 2018, but no. The repercussion that has had the Stories in front of the users has caused who the companies begin to break through between as much multitude, not only with the Stories organic but with much more repercussion with those than is promoted.

The last tendency in Stories is the personal groups or best friends?. Every time the companies begin to filter more to their clients (to make private the profile of company is another tendency). This option allows to add you to people to a group where these only can see the publications that beams that way.

It is used to award the client, being able to him to offer exclusive content and thus to be able to do of our following clients of our brand.

In order to correctly understand metric and the statistical ones of Instagram, we let this super post to you complete: Metric and Statistical in Instagram

tendencies in digital marketing

We hope that it has served as help this article to you of tendencies of digital marketing in 2019 and you can adapt it to your business. You can leave us to a commentary sharing your opinion or experience. You do not doubt in contacting with our agency of digital marketing if you need help.

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