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It changes the text to add to the cart in WooCommerce easily

To change text to add to the cart in WooCommerce


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Many are the occasions in which it is necessary to change the text of the button To add to the Cart in WooCommerce. The most usual case is if we turned our WooCommerce into a motor of reserves. In this case, for example, it would have more feeling to use a button with the text To reserve that To add to the cart. Another case is when we want to use WooCommerce as catalogue. In this case we can use the button To add to the Cart as button of contact establishing a redirection to our page of contact.

In this small tutorial we are going to see asneither modify the text of the button To add to the Cart of WooCommerce without needing implementing code norpar excellence modifying the translations of plugin of store online in WordPress. The modification we are going to realise it through plugin Change WooCommerce Add to Cart Text. You must install it in your WordPress unloading it from repositorio of WordPress and installing through new Plugins > AƱadir. After installing it you will have to form it.

To change the text is very easy you only must go in the menu of your writing-desk of WordPress to Adjustments > Reading. Inside you will find the possibility of renombrar the bellboys to add the cart following the product type of WooCommerce. Not only renombrarlo in the page of the product can, also in the page of store and categories. Thus if the button €œTo select options€? of variable products you do not like you can change it.

To change text to add button to the cart in WooCommerce

Plugin very simple to use and cash. If you want to change the text by means of the file functions.php of your group we recommended this reading to you in the official site of WooCommerce.

If you look for expert in WooCommerce to personalize your store online you can contact with us without commitment and we will help you.

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