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You look for community manager for your company?
Community Manager

The paper of community manager in the management of social networks continues being fundamental for the companies, brands and institutions. To generate a strategy of contents, to move our followers, to give answer and to know them to offer what they really want to them is part of the work of comunity manager.

If you want to create a community of followers around your brand

To attract new clients

Loyalty of clients

Creation of strategy of contents

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Our services of Community Manager

Strategy of Contents

Strategy of Contents

The strategy of contents is fundamental to connect with our objective public. To plan, to segment contents, programming and to know the interest the community will be our work.
Management of profiles

Management of profiles

Each brand, company or institution have its own strategy, for that reason we will advise to you on which must be your presence, in what channels and what type of contenidor to generate for each social network.
Action of marketing

Action of marketing

The paper of community manager as much takes with himself the creation of advertising campaigns in social networks, email marketing, creation of contents in blogand anlĆ­tica of data.

What I need for my company?

Community manager?

community Seville manager
The paper of community manager is the daily management of the presence of the company in the different social networks. It generates all the content, it speaks and it creates a community of faithful followers, and mainly it explores and it defines an objective public. In addition its paper has the one to connect with your clients, by means of an emotional content, knows its tastes, I interest and establishes relation they. It is the heart of your brand in Internet. We will create from the home an effective strategy of contents.

A social average manager?

community Seville manager
If on the contrary you take the management of the day to day of your brand in the social networks, but you need an expert in advertising strategy, of contents and conversion in clients, which you need in a social average manager. Its paper is tie to the creation of dynamic advertising campaigns, to its pursuit and very focused to the conversion in sales and clients. For it part of the base of the creation of a digital strategy.

The most trustworthy solution
Our team of professionals

Experience: our professionals dedicated to the social networks have included projects of management of all type of companies and public institutions. Different experts according to your sector and market.
Pursuit: our success is the measurement of results, to obervar as our strategy in social networks has some certain results that allow us to evaluate and to improve continuously. For it we reported growth information, reaches and interaction of users.
Innovation: we always go a passage in front of the competition for that reason we appliedthe new tendencies inthe social networks of its company. If you are first, you have the visibility. To dominate the different algorithms is our objective.
We live for the design: we bet to have some social networks that hit and wake up the attention of your possible client. We are focused in the Branding and the sale.

By where we began?

First it is to maintain a consultancy meeting where to know and to see the needs us that their company or project can have. To later draw up to a strategy and trip ticket that takes to secure its objectives to him.

Possible objectives:

- Creation of one marks in Internet
- Reputation online
- Management of social networks
- Creation of a community online
- Creation of contents
- Growth of brands
community Seville manager

It asks for a meeting with our equipment

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