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How you have to face a disaster in WordPress?

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You have entered sometimes your Web and has appeared the screen in target? You are receiving an error 500 on the part of the servant? or simply isn't your site seen correctly? You are before which the technicians we called a disaster, that does not scare the name to you, normally all WordPress can recover with the necessary knowledge. In this small article we are going to give you some recommendations so that you can solve it.

#1 First of all calms.

Having hosting reliable and maintenance service a contracted, probably all this in its easily recoverable site that is. The calm is never due to lose before this situation, is necessary to try to revert the situation.

#2 Search the origin of the error.

By itself WordPress does not disappear or stops working correctly, must have an origin that takes to that a Web designed in WordPress stops working correctly. Everything has an origin, remembers that he was the latest that you changed and it tries to restitute it. It remembers that they are still archives in a code of programming PHP CSS or to Javascript, if you have the nucleus of WordPress, your up-to-date group and its Plugins always you will be able to reclaim the file that you have modified unloading it from repositorio official of WordPress.

If you have not touched anything and you enter your Web and it is not seen correctly or it generates errors, probably the origin this in servant, contacts with them. Although the majority of suppliers assures that their servers are a 99.9% of the time working, by experience we know that the cuts in the service are more habitual than they seem. Normally in your Control Panel of Servant, mainly if you have CPanel, you will be able to see the state of the servant, it verifies if it is overloaded or there is something does not work as it would have. In the panel of user of hosting normally also information is offered on interventions in the servers. If you are in this situation will be called on to hope to you. Special situations as denial-of-service attacks exist that can cause that your Web is fallen during hours. Although to have a technical support of WordPress contracted that it investigates that it is happening will be your tranquillity.

#3 the limit: your knowledge

You know to deactivate plugin of WordPress through the directory or data base of archives to try if it causes the failure? You have experience in the construction of .htaccess customized? You know to update WordPress, his correctly plugins and its subjects? They are many questions that a person stops who is home can be complicated. In many occasions the errors take place by bad configuration of the installation or PHP and its modules. When they are required technical knowledge are very complicated that the error is able to resolve. Our advice requests help.

.htaccess is one of the archives that greater number of errors cause. It manages directives of Apache, the type of servant in whom probably your Web is lodged. They are modified by some plugins as which they manage the security or the adjustment from the site to certificates SSL, causing the disaster.

#4 You have backup copy?

Normally if the Web worked yesterday and we have backup copy, the Web must continue working after recovering it. If it is not therefore the problem is concerning servant or simply that the copy is corrupt. For discard it we recommended to you to reclaim the copy in the premises with XAMPP. He is recommendable to make copies manuals and to make a will them in the premises, if we do not do it we expose ourselves to that when happens the disaster the copies are not available. You do not entrust yourself in automatic backup copies of hosting, always better to have own copies manuals that you can do with Akeeba BackUp or Duplicator.

#5 If the problem persists reviews AutoUpdate

The Automatic Updates of WordPress are the majors causes of problems. Everything is because it is had activated the update of the Nucleusof WordPress, but plugins nor groups are updated neither. If you do not know that it has happened overnight with your WordPress verifies that it has not been updated automatically. The AutoUpdate is thought to make the easiest life to those people, as our company, who manage a great amount of facilities and that are. If you leave activated the automatic updates when they happen few years you will have the last version of WordPress and the version of your plugin of creation of slide or your constructor of pages is of two years ago, and so the incompatibility is practically inevitable and the site will be broken.

In order to deactivate simply it sees it wp-config.php in the root of your site and beats:

 it defines (€˜AUTOMATIC_UPDATER_DISABLED€™, true);

If you want to avoid to face the feared you disasters of WordPress we recommended to you to have a technical maintenance service to your installation of WordPress. In Entrebits we offer service of technical support from 50‚¬/Mes. Always updated and surely, preparations for the worse scene, so that your you do not have to worry to you about anything.

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