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As understanding the metric statistics and of Instagram.

metric of instagram
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As understanding the metric statistics and of Instagram

If you finish home in the world of digital marketing or if on the contrary these accustomed the statistical panels you notice whom the metric statistics and that offer Instagram are very limited. In fact, if we compared Facebook with Instagram we realize that the older brother, is the one who really has a more complete platform developed to obtain all type of metric and statistic analyses. Instagram on the contrary, at the moment offers a very basic interface with €śfew data€? and that lack a developed platform that surely will arrive at some time (or that we wished all).

Our Equipment of Entrebits design Web and digital marketing we thought that Instagram is taking a €śsimplistic strategy clearly€?, that is to say if this social network always has been easy and intuitive to use and with €śfew options€? in functionalities and analysis if we compared it with Facebook, as far as the obtaining of metric and statistical of Instagram it follows by the same way.

€śInstagram unlike Facebook nowadays does not tell on an advanced access to metric and analĂ­sticos data that if us Facebook offers it€?.

In spite of all this, of the statistics that offer to us Instagram, their analysis and study take control indispensable to develop an effective strategy.


Because there is to analyze to the maximum what beams and nonbeams in Instagram. It is necessary to generate a control panel with metric keys of the profile that you manage.

The metric ones that you must analyze in Instagram

Within the metric ones of Instagram we must differentiate two mainly:

Metric of Publications, that reflect the yield of each one of the publications that you realise.

The Metric ones of Account, are the sum of all the statistics of publications realised in a period of certain time.

Metric of Publications

  1. Publication reach

Alcance in Instagram like on Facebook it makes reference to the number of people who have seen your publication. It is necessary to differentiate it from the impressions.

  1. Secured impressions

It is the number of times that a same publication has been seen. The difference with respect to the previous one, is that a person sees a publication (she reaches), but this same person can see the same publication several times (impressions).

  1. Engagement

Without a doubt the metric one that but is going to you to matter. This related to the number of likes, commentaries or sharings has a publication. Also the number of times can be analyzed that keeps a publication.

  1. Rate of Engagement

In this section we want to teach to you as verifying the true effectiveness of your publications. One calculates dividing the interactions that a publication has had between I number total of followers and percent multiplies.

This metric one is complicated as we increased the number of followers, for that reason is important that the content who we generated is more and more creative, original and that our community considers it of interest.

Metric of Account

  1. Rate of Engagement

One is to calculate the percentage of your followers who interact with your publications. A gratuitous App exists for it that calculates it automatically to you. GamGage is called.

  1. Ratio of growth of followers

One is to measure the percentage of followers who you are obtaining throughout the time. One calculates diviendo the total number of followers who you have obtained in a term (for example 30 days) between the number of followers that tapeworms in the home of that term and to divide enters it 100.

Metric of Instagram Stories

The metric ones of Stories are still a field very unknown between the users. They always wake up confusion between returning, following, abandonments, etc. But we bring the definition to you of each of them here so that you do not lose the head.


One talks about to the number of times that the people whom story sees your pass to following story yours.

  1. To return

Within your story the number of times that the users have returned back within your story.

  1. The following history

He is swipe towards the left that promotes an abandonment of your story


  1. One takes place when the user stops seeing stories, that is to say leaves the way story of Instagram.


They are the answers received as a result of the content of your storie.


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