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As selling more through Facebook

as selling but in facebook
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Surely if you are an entrepreneur, businessman or these initiating to you as community manager you are being made thousand times that question. But what if you will have noticed surely is the change undergone in the reach and reactions of followers of your community in the post who you publish.

Then these in the certain thing, if your strategy tried to sell more through your Fan Page exist a series of changes that have been applied for this year 2018 and which they begin to have his negative? effects but you do not worry that for it we have designed and thinking about this post for you.

As selling more through Facebook

Surely before you planned on Facebook up to two post daily, in one certain hours of the day and had many reactions on the part of your community, but this unfortunately has changed for some months back, the algorithm of Facebook has become more demanding and more intelligent and to forced to change or to reframe our strategy on Facebook to us. In addition to the strategy also we must reframe to increase the investment to us in publicity, but that we will see it more down.

We begin with a series of habits that previously we realised in our strategy of social networks:

  • To often publish (up to two and three to the day on Facebook)
  • Publications that only contain an image
  • Publications that they suggest to follow the page, to do like, or to share
  • Publications without videos
  • Publications without excellent content for the user
  • Publications without segmentation of the public to whom we went

All these action we realised them previously because in spite of all Facebook it gave greater visibility anyway us and the reactions took place. This is explained at a technical level from the sense that the percentage of visibility of our post to the being published was much greater than the present one.

We can summarize that we have given a evolution jump on Facebook and now we happened of a quality content, to a significant content.

But good you are not alarmed, we are going to give a series you you rule of form summarized for you can sell more through Facebook. Therefore we informed into the content and type to you of things that is going it to like to the new algorithm of Facebook:

  • Whatever more commentaries, better, but with sense and between users: it is fundamental that in this new stage we cause that conversations are generated in our post published. For it we must think plus our publications and change the strategy, because surely this was not something that contemplaramos.

  • Videos raised Facebook directly, and more if they are in direct: If there is to generate an importance order we know that always the video is going to generate more possibility of reach than the images but in addition we add to him to use the video in direct far better. Facebook wants that we use Facebook Live and not that we raise videos of Youtube.

  • To publish less and contained of more quality: this measurement this related to that Facebook wants to give to priority to the family and friendly messages and who appear less messages of companies. In order to strain to us effectively we must there publish less but of greater quality.

  • It generates (but you do not ask) likes, commentaries, shares and reactions:how many publications you will have directed to request likes, commentaries and to share? Or you have asked that if you have preferences by something and you answer with one of the reactions available. Forget to you that tactics then Facebook is going to give less visibility to you. Now you will have to obtain that they are generated of a natural form.

These actions are very important but you do not forget that always you have the best option, than is to stimulate the sales arriving at your objective public by means of the investment in publicity of Facebook. In order to do it of professional form the best thing it is than you put yourself into the hands of experts or you form deeply in this complex field.

If you need professional help Entrebits is a company of design Web and digital marketing and we offer solutions to you stops:

- Management of Social Networks for its company

- Formation for unemployed entrepreneurs or who want to form as Community Manager

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