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Design Web
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€” The Objective

For the client it was important that the website transmitted exclusive feature. We left from a work of computer graphics 3D of very high quality, for that reason it was decided to print a minimalist design, leaving a preferential place to the graphical content

Oriented when buyer person

We create a project centered in the type of objective buyer detected by the client. It was equipped to the design of an international approach, we to size analyzed other projects of Webs of studies of design of furniture in several cities of the world as New York, London or Los Angeles. These designs centered in the same type of objective client shortlist of elements common, necessary allowed us to create one to transmit the values wished by the client. The Web has a well-taken care of movable version, equally oriented to provide the best experience of user.

Design Web
Design Web Agency of UX

Corporative elements to obtain the differentiation

Initially we did not have corporative manual, but we looked for to create an advanced design and differentiated it was essential to transmit an own image. As a result of the logo we obtained three corporative colors and one typesetter source. Than more sufficient to combine it with a minimalist design and to manage to obtain an own design and with personality.

Once we had the starting point to initiate the design was question to distribute the content in the space. For it, we differentiated between pages on watch and portfolio creating own structures. Within the UX development I am created an architecture of the clearest information that the initially propose one. The main page design of a very visual and intuitive way, it us permitio to create a menu in off - canvas for all the devices.
Design Web for Company of furniture to size.
Agency of Design Web
Agency of Design Web
Source: Euphemia Regular
Color of the Text: #777777
Primary color: #ffffff
Complementary colors: #0092de, #cb3221 and #e1d7a9
Design Web for Company of furniture to size.

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