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Advice to create an attractive campaign of Email Marketing

Campaign of Email Seville Marketing
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All we think that the Email Marketing is something old-fashioned, is a method that yes that is old but is generating value day to day. From our equipment we want to share our vision on the paper of the Email Marketing in a comprehensive strategy of digital Marketing in your company. The every day more popular use of MailChimp or Mail Relay is doing that many of our clients are recovering a strategy of Marketing Online long ago considered by many as a practice to spammer.

Why to choose an advertising campaign of Email Marketing?

Our clients made use at the top the first time thatwe proposed to them to realise a campaign of Email Marketing. This happens because a mistaken image is had very than really it is an Email Marketing, is not only one tool that is used to sell, is a tool that ifyou use it or, with her you can create a quite positive image for your company or product. This causes that the client fidelice himself and generates a confidence towards our brand.

What we want to transmit to you is that the Email Marketing not only is created to sell, that is what it interests to us, but to be able to have a first contact with our potential client or if this already she is our client to do to us visible andto create to them brings back to consciousness name brand.

Has to consider that image mistaken that they have our clients on this type of publicity also have it yours, therefore so that the advertising campaign that we do not becomes for our clients in Spam, that is not the worse thing, and these are terminated of your website or they block the post office for being too insistent sending emails that they are irrelevant to the necessity of our client, you must it do is to generate email campaigns interest marketing.

Campaign of Email Marketing

What steps I must follow to create a campaign of Email Marketing?

1. Data base.

If you do not have a data base of potential clients beam to create it, making a previous study of market and see which would be these, requesting before its consent to them. And if you have a portfolio of clients also you can use it, since not always one is going away to campaign with the same objective of sale.

2. Tools that we are going to use.

The tool that we used at the time of campaigning of Email Marketing is MailChimp, which has a gratuitous version and another one payment, if you have a small business, this is your perfect tool.First that we must do is to create a list with our contacts, according to the list the campaign will go directed to a type of necessity. When you have the created list, it comes most original than they are templates, you must develop all your I devise, and remembers that here it is where you must beactive at the time of expressing what you mean, you must create a content that does not bore to the client and who it is of its interest. Once finished warm up to you or group is necessary to create the campaign, towhich we will assign to a name and a subject. The subject is most important that it must create a campaign, since if the subject is not attractive the user will not have interest to know what is what we have commanded to him. Fact this is sent the campaign. If you have some problem we solved it to you.

3. Pursuit of campaigns.

When the campaign has been sent must realise a pursuit of the results that has been obtained from this one. This tool of marketing provides information to you of whom it has entered the email, who has clicked in the bellboys of action call and that not even it has shown to interest by the campaign of Email Marketing. This information helps you that is to say if your campaign has worked or no, in case it has not worked to you you can modify them to obtain better results.

What to do so that our clients do not ignore our post office?

We must avoid to send mailings day yes and day no, is essential not to saturate our subscribers. First that we must do it is an analysis of the type of client that we have or we want to reach and the different needs that these have. Once fact this, is to make a pair of types of mailing to adapt us the possible maximum to our client, this can give to a major result that if beams only a type of mailing.

Campaign of Marketing

Campaign Mailchimp Seville


Thus it is as your clients would react before and after creating a perfect campaign of Email Marketing. 

The user who receives massive shipments of emails him can cause is a rejection immediate to our brand instead of to give a good image them name brand, that he is what we want.

Another thing to consider is when mailings are sent, because it is the moment that the potential client is preparation to buy and there she is where we appear to cross that supply and demands, since he is not the same at the height of summer to campaign of Halloween that to do it at the home of October.

Under our point of view so that the work carried out is not in vain - because all action of digital marketing has been its time and generates curiosity to the client whenever we sent an email to him and it opens it is creating email campaigns utility marketing, that to the user interests our content to him, that whenever in the inbox is an email ours it makes click. Most possible it is than this it is not going to buy any product or service that we offer to him but when it needs it will have us, previously because we have been sending mailings to him that to them they have served to him as utility and with this we have generated him a confidence.

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