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To create a strategy to sell in Internet

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This week in our blog of Entrebits, design Web Seville we are going to approach a subject very resorted by hundreds of entrepreneurs, independent or businessmen who send themselves to the market online. Many of them always begin looking for by Internet the first steps to inquire as to have a presence in Google, social networks or a Web. Then today you are of luck because we bring an initial guide to you so that you consider the first steps of:

As creating a strategy to sell by Internet products or services

Many of you already surely you have initiate some of the steps that we are going to raise in this article, but surely do not have developed effectively a strategy to sell by Internet.

But better to go by order and to establish a series of steps.

  1. Our Brand

Or we sell services or products are crucial to count on a brand, a logo or logo that represents our company. He is recommendable in addition that this designing by a professional who settles down the necessary criteria that they represent your brand and goes well directed to your chosen public.

Without telling that we have verified that as much the name of the commercial brand as the domain is free and not registered.

  1. Our design Web

We know hundreds cases of clients who come after to have undergone bad experiences where their Webs have been developed by familiar friendly or or companies that develop them to you by 200 Euros. That is the first very common ERROR that it takes place, and we thought that in addition that decision by ignorance is taken. Unless your relative or friend is a true developing expert or design Web and knows really all the technical questions as as much creative for a correct development you will be home negatively your strategy to sell by Internet.

Before this situation one becomes necessary two very important variables, or we same with a course really trained that is very complete (whenever our Web does not have complex functionalities) or you must yourselves look for a company with professionals who prepare a perfect Web to you.

Why tenth that Web must be perfect. Because there is a series of points to consider, among them:

  • Web Responsive
  • Tendencies in Web 2018
  • Study of keywords
  • Implementation of keywords
  • Design Web with high usability
  • Design under last tendencies
  • Legal aspects
  • Law of protection of data
  • To make case to Mr. Google
  • Etc

This list we have limited it not to be annoying to you, but so that DES tells that to the design Web you as it has evolved the market cannot consist I am only made the Web so that yes.

Numerous studies in addition presented by Google you demonstrate as the users or potential clients who know you by social networks, end up visiting your Web to know better or to contract finally the services you. In addition an important aspect is search a good positioning in Google to generate clients powers, yes we repeated, a good positioning in Google to generate sales, when that you have it correctly, designed by professionals we will be speaking of a good strategy to sell by Internet.

Within this second step it is made crucial choose between two types of Webs:

  • Design Actual Web Seville. A design merely actual Web, where we occur to know if too much interactivity with our potential clients.
  • Design of Store Online Sevilla Un design Web more aggressive than looks for to connect emotionally with our potential clients and allows the purchase of products or services.

  1. To design the Web in Wordpress or Joomla!

There are important elections in the life, but surely it is will be it more One is to decide that CMS we will use for the design Web, is something quite complex and depend on multitude of factors, in fact we would have to even dedicate an article to him in our blog.

Resumiento, to create a strategy to sell in Internet and to choose between these two great CMS, the best thing is to consult directly with our professionals stops according to the project who we are going to create to fit it better in one or the other platform.

  1. The election of the social networks.

We are in a key point, because or are expert again in social networks or the best thing is again than professional they advise where to as much invest to our time and effort to us in publications as in publicity investment.

Each social network has its public, his objective and a purpose, and to sell before we must understand it and understand our public, but we are doing that adequately.

The management of the social networks can be complex or very funny, because it arrives a little while that our obtained reach and likes are not sufficient and that ends up being translated in nonsales and nonconversion.

The best thing whenever you can is or to form with a complete course or to delegate this duro work in professionals. Why you tenth this. The algorithms as much of Facebook as of Instagram are complex to understand and is necessary to consider a series of necessary criteria so that our publications have the awaited impact. But this deserves a special article again.

Up to here the first part on as creating a strategy to sell in Internet.

It remembers that Entrebits is a design company Web , dedicated to digital marketing, community manager and design Web in wordpress and joomla.

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