Design Web for consultant of Criptomonedas

A design quen combines a new technology and the traditional world of finances

Type of Project

Design Web
Corporative image

The Objective

The objective era to equip to the consultant witha corporate brand and Web who projected an image in accordance with a still emergent sector.

A simple, dynamic and elegant design

The sector to which we went supposed to find a balance between a simple, classic design of the sector of finances and small doses of sophistication that reflected the change that blockchain supposes and cryptodivisas. For that reason they are had including some more innovating elements as backgrounds based on videos that offer to the user one first dynamic vision of the consultant. We find graphical elements in the design that evoke the interconnection that supposes the shift of paradigm which they offer criptodivisas.

Design Web

An integral project of design

The design project has been totally cross-sectional participating our equipment not only in the elaboration of the Web. Our collaborator in graphical design, Jacinto Gutierrez, has created the corporative image, emphasizing in her a designed typography ex- I profess to equip with personality to the project.

Design Web

Use of colors

Within the design the color plays a protagonist role. A study of colors in accordance with the employee in the sector, green a characteristic one was carried out related to the technology blockchain. As secondary color we chose a gray, very elegant that compensated the use of the target as masterful color of the bottom. This gray is also applied to the source in the Web. In this way through color a united corporative speech has articulated.



The game with the properties of the sources - height, spaced, color and transformation are part of the dynamism that we have wanted to print to him to the website.

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