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It dominates the Social Networks
Actual course of Community Managers
directed to businessmen or entrepreneurs

New Edition. Opened new call for 4 and 5 of December of 2019

A course that goes beyond the creation of accounts in social networks, because surely already you have them, we are going to teach to you to that your Brand sells. We formed and we advisedto dominate the social networks to you.

It discovers the potential that offers Facebook and Instagram. It understands his system and what they request you as brand to arrive at your clients. It controls the announcements effectively.

With this formation you have the opportunity to learn functionalities, tricks and tendencies so that your publications secure a greater yield, reach and interaction with your public.

Reduced groups of 5 students.

Experienced Professional tutors of our equipment of Social Strategy Average

10 hours actual. 1 hour of tutorizaci├│n with our experts for your project.

Recommended for entrepreneurs or businessmen with basic or intermediate level.

Price of Course 250 éČ*
*Pago when formalizing matriculation
Course WordPress Seville


It knows the program our Course of Community actual Manager

Module 1. We are Community Managers (2.5 hours)

1. The figure of the Community Manager.
2. The functions of a Community Manager.
3. Creation of a strategy in social networks.
4. Branding. Our Brand this complete one?

Module 2. Facebook managed successfully (2.5 hours)

1.What there is to do on Facebook
2.What it is not necessary to do on Facebook
3.Good practices
4. To express our Fan Page to the maximum

Unit 3. Instagram the fashionable social network (2.5 hours)

1. To understand the function of this social network.
2.As to secure an account of success in Instagram

Module 4. The Administrator of Announcements (2.5 hours)

1. To know its surroundings.
2. The main functions.
3. Creation of campaigns.
4. Pixel of Facebook

Unit 5. Individual position of a guardian (1 hour)

Where celebrated is the Course of Community Manager?

The course is celebrated in the classroom of formation of our Headquarters of Seville located in the Tree-lined avenue of Hercules

What you will need?


The Course ofCommunity Manager does not include the peripheral use of the computer nor. Each student must bring his own laptop for the correct development. Despite if you require of computer consults to us.

Calls and Inscriptions

You have some doubt?

Form of Inscription

At the moment we have open the following calls of Courses

11¬ Edition Open Call

4 and 5 of December
Community course Manager
It drives the sales of your business with our Course of Social Networks advanced.

Tree-lined avenue of Hercules 32

Home: 4 of December 2019
09:00 to 14:00


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