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WordPress in your Hands with our Actual Course

Opened new call for the 27, 28 and 29 of November of 2019

In Funnytaf we have created the perfect course so that you begin in WordPress. You will not need previous knowledge, we explained it step by step to you so thatyou can construct your own installation of WordPress. Professional tutors of DiseƱo Web.

He discovers exciting world #WP

From the Installation in the Servant to as personalizing and adding functionalities to your Web. In addition you will have one hour of position of a guardian to advance in your project Web with our experts.

Reduced groups of 5 students.

Professional tutors Undergone of our equipment of Design Web and Maintenance of WordPress.

Materials of Support in pdf.

10 hours actual + 1 hour of tutorizaciĆ³n with our experts for your project.

Without needing previous knowledge.

Price of Course 200 ‚¬*
*Pago 50% when formalizing matriculation
Course WordPress Seville


It knows the program our Course of Introduction WordPress

Module 1. Installation and adjustments in WordPress (1 hour)

1. Knowing the logic the WordPress surroundings.
2. To install WordPress in a Real Servant.
3. The configuration files of WordPress: Necessary optimizations.
4. The Writing-desk of WordPress and the setup adjustments.

Module 2. Personalizing our WordPress with native elements (2 hours)

1. Pages versus Entrances.
2. WordPress publisher and the Means library.
3. The Menus.
4. The Widgets.

Unit 3. Plantilla and the Constructor of pages (4 hours)

1. Election of Plantilla. Marcos de Desarrollo.
2. Introduction to the prototipado one of Webs
3. Installation of Group.
4. Common adjustments of Groups.
5. Introduction to Composer Line of vision to construct our own pages.

Module 4. Plugins (2 hours)

1. Repositorio WordPress.
2. Installation of Plugins.
3. Plugins basic that cannot lack in your WordPress: SEO, Antispam and Backup copies.
4. Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
5. Maintenance of Plugins. Frequent errors.

Unit 5. Individual position of a guardian (1 hour)

Where celebrated is the Course of WordPress?

The course is celebrated in the classroom of formation of our Headquarters of Seville located in the Tree-lined avenue of Hercules

What you will need?


If you are going to create a project in WordPress we recommended to you that you have hosting or a local servant in your computer. If you do not know as to install a local servant we will guide to you before home the course. If you do not know that hosting to choose we will recommend that one to you that adjusts to your project.

Plantilla and Plugins

During the Course we will use a Marco de Desarrollo who includes things Visual Composer among others. If you are going to use it to create your own Web you will have to acquire a license, its price is of 50‚¬, despite if you decide not to buy it we provide a copy to you without activation to realise the formation. The rest of Plugins is totally gratuitous.


The Course of WordPress does not include the peripheral use of the computer nor. Each student must bring his own laptop for the correct development. Despite if you require of computer consults to us.


You have some doubt?

Form of Inscription

At the moment we have open following the calls of Courses of WordPress

Actual course of Initiation to WordPress

On the Course

This course is oriented those people who wish to create and to manage their Web in WordPress. The possibility exists of creating a customized course if you already have Web in WordPress and you wish to manage it. The course is celebrated in 3 days in morning schedule.


27 of November - 29 of Hour November Morning

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