Web Multilenguaje for Meadow Marijuana

A mythical place in Andalusia

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Design Web
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€” The Objective

To speak of the Meadow Marijuana is to speak of a mythical place in Andalusia, cradles more of one of the recognized cattle ranches. Under this premise we designed a website that transmitted this so special atmosphere catching the visitor, taking it to live a pre-experience through video and a virtual route through the property. The process of digital commercialization has been completed with a strategy of Social Media and Copywritting.

Transmitting the Experience through the Web

After knowing the place, we decided that the main era to transmit to the visitor the idiosyncrasy of the place, for it we decided to create a virtual route in 360 that allowed the user to visit those more identifiable places of the property. The video plays an important role in the design, especially in tablecloth, a video of 10 seconds replaces the classic Slide, transmitting scenes of the place. In the design the use of backgrounds has been taken care of, considering that 90% of the attention of the visitor concentrate in graphical elements, could not be of another way.


The importance of the visual impact

The main page has seted out as a dangerous combination between maximalismo and minimalism. An initial area with an important load of images and videos, cradle in a high interaction, including the services. Down the white bottom emphasizes history and the day to day of the cattle ranch.

Design Web

The importance of the details

Design Web in the North Mountain range of Seville
Through use of sources of diverse size, weight and style we have given to the project a dynamic at the same time as elegant aspect. The source is one of the mĆ­nmos elements and indispendsables in the design Web and sometimes its capacity of transmission of the concept is underestimated.

The relaunching of the Web had to represent the traditional values of the Meadow accompanied by a dose of modernity. For it we put in the skin of the visitor creating several prototypes centered in the architecture of the information to show.

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