Design Web and Corporative Image forCultiply

Complete development of corporative image and Web for the StartUp Cultiply

€” The Objective

Sometimes in Funnytaf we have the opportunity to contribute our granite of sand to the development of innovating brands with high potential of growth. ste has been the case of Cultiply, a biotechnological StartUp supported by the Minerva de Vodafone project and the Meeting of Andalusia with great ideas that to contribute to the world of the nourishing fermentation. The objective has been to equip to the new company with an agreed corporative identity to its vision and the development with a Web in which we have projected its more technological slope.

€” The Project shares

€” Type of Project

Design Web
Design Gráfico and Brandbook developed by Studio Ebony

Design organized and concise Web

In the first taking of contact within the equipment formed by Funnytaf we noticed ourselves of the necessity to clearly communicate the proposal of value of the company. The sector of the wine and the beer is undergoing a generational change and was important to offer to the usuary innovating type and the usuary traditional type the information who needed at every moment and mainly the value that Cultiply could contribute to its productive process.

Small details that mark the technological DNA of the project

This the microinteractions have planned an outstanding place. We guide the user through the different sections and elements from the design incorporating small interactions that attract their attention and canalizes the form in which they receive information. The cleared forms, as fermentadoras bacteria, articulate the design.

A joint work with Studio Ebony

The work of design Web has been realised in consensus with brandbook realised by Studio Ebony. Respecting the directives on typography, colors and plots the Web of Cultiply has been constructed in order to continue the given line of design.

Agency of Design Web

Your corporative identity is important when home, not only it is enough with creativity, you must define who you want to be.

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