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Difference between publicity of Facebook and Google

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By our experience with clients who come to form in our courses or to receive consultancy does the following question habitually to us: What differentiates it has between the publicity of Facebook and Google. There are many differences, but without a doubt we must know two fundamental axes. First it is to know what type of product or service you are going to sell, its value and secondly of considering of how we want to connect with our public. In order to solve this important doubt we have made this interesting article

Difference between publicity of Facebook and Google

In order to understand the difference between realising publicity well in Google and publicity on Facebook there are preparation to you this picture summarize where the main differences are classified.

Causes Google Facebook
How it looks for the user A direct relation with the search in Google exists They coexist between his social relations and they find the announcement

Cost by click CPC (they vary according to the sector)

They have a greater cost generally It has a smaller cost generally
Segmentation of public The segmentation is realised by keywords The segmentation is realised by a list of data that provides Facebook, such as Interests, Age, City, Behaviors, Education, etc.
Branding It generates interest by a product in particular that the user looks for It generates recognition name brand
Types of announcements He has several types of announcements There is a possibility of many formats of announcements
Final platforms Google allows to arrive at different platforms display It allows us to arrive at different platforms from display and Instagram.
Relation with your public A community does not work from Google The announcements of Facebook look for to generate a community in the first place and soon to secure sales for your company
Remarketing Many agencies present information where they demonstrate that to do remarketing in Google it is not as efficient as on Facebook
Quality of the visits The visits that take place in the Web by Google usually are related to greater quality The visits on Facebook on the contrary, are of worse quality since to the user it appears to him the publicity and many cases it enters by curiosity.
Creativity The announcements of Google allow us to be less creative Facebook tells on advertising tools that they allow more visual campaigns us
CPM cost by impressions Google has it restricted Facebook foments it

We are going to begin to be shelling this interesting comparative table.

1. How it looks for the user?

This is important and key to begin our strategy in publicity. The main differential between both is that while when somebody looks for in Google, is looking for something concrete, as a service or product, the publicity in social networks or publicity on Facebook we announced and to the user that publicity is suggested to him, therefore the user as so it were not looking for that product or service while with the publicity of Google if it were looking for it.

This can generate controversy, because we can think that Google benefits to us and the answer can yes be but no, because with a publicity in social networks we tried that our product of a to know itself between people who I interest common.

2. Cost by Click

In publicity of digital marketing there are two fundamental values that they are the €śCost by Click€? and the €śCost by thousand impressions€?. The CPC is generally much greater in Google than through the publicity of Facebook or Instagram, but according to which product or service we sell us it can compensate more to make an advertising investment in Google.

€śthe CPC is generally much greater in Google than through the publicity of Facebook or Instagram€?

3. Segmentation of Public

This factor is another one of the main differences between both. While in Google the segmentation of the public to whom we went we do it through keywords, on Facebook and Instagram is realised through other many factors as I interest, tastes, job, etc.

4. Branding

At the time of making brand, without a doubt under our criterion the preference is to invest publicity in social networks. It is the best form to generate €śrecognition name brand€?. Since we have spoken previously the publicity in social networks allows that your product is people who do not know you or who are not looking for your product or service concretely but perhaps through remarketing ends up buying it.

5. Types of Announcements

While Google has some types of announcements, the greater creativity for the creation of announcements that can emphasize without a doubt has it the tools of announcements of the social networks.

6. Relation with your Public

Here it gains the game again the Social Networks. We think that our macar it coexists with the family and friendly of our potential clients and in fact we interacted and we were related to them through the community that we have created and managed. Our community is what we know as Fan Page or Perfiles of Company in Instagram.

7. Quality of Visitas

If in the last factors we have spoken of which they have gained the social networks, as far as the quality of the visits we always remained with the results of Google. Although you remember it, the costs by click in Google were majors with respect to the one of social networks, the results can much more be positive those that come from the finder.

Already having a global vision on the great differences between the publicity of Google and Facebook, we can draw some conclusion? , under our criterion each platform has its advantages and disadvantages and is necessary to study the type of product or service who is going away to sell before choosing some of them.

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