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Development of Customized Store Online

€” Type of Project

He lies down Online

€” The Objective

We can summarize the objective of this project in a single word: efficiency. We left from a preexisting design that immediately was rejected by the difficulties of usability that presented, especially in mobile phones.

The keys of the design

The first problem to which we faced era to organize more than 60 different categories within the store online. We knew clearly from the home we had to give the user exactly what needed. The high level of specialization of the sector supposed that the architecture of the information was clear at any moment, that is to say we tried to speak the same language that the user at any moment. In order to organize the information it was decided to create a megamenĆ and the flow of traffic through 5 was distributed banners in the main page towards each one of the great categories of ecommerce.

Designer of Tineda Online  with Wordpress

A project of Store Online focused to the positioning Web

In the development of the store online optimization factors have considered SEO. The equipment of Funnytaf detected an ample set of keywords little competed in which to position the new store online. Something that together with one burnishes purchase experience supposed to have insured almost the success of the project. In the project the positioning has been pampered especially Web by brands. We knew that it is a sector in which loyalty to the brand is high, in this way the user will find right what looks for, not only to cover his necessity, also of the brand that it looks for thanks to the amplitude of references that are handled in the store online and which they surpass the thousand.

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A functional design for the digital transformation. The promoters had two objectives: to arrive at new markets and to adapt to the needs of the new managers of the factories, younger and exhibited to realise purchases online.
Sources: Avenir & Baskerville Old Phase
Color of the Text: #000
Primary color:#c1272d
Complementary color: #000

The Experience of purchase multidevice a vital aspect

We think about what devices were going away to use plus the store online and we concluded that great part of the use was going away to give in movable devices. We leave from the premise of which the user group objectives would be generally in their work at the time of making orders: factories of jewelry shop and jewelry store mainly. Reason why we took care of especially the design in movable device with the aim of making the most comfortable possible purchase. After several months the accesses from movable device suppose a 60% of the total and the dwell time in the site supposes a 35% more than in tablecloth.

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Design of Store Online  for Terriza and Hijos

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