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Strategy of Digital Marketing

€” Type of Project

Design Web
Social networks

€” The Objective

The objective era to turn a Blog with 40,000 monthly views into an adapted digital Magazine to navigation by thematic instead of per date of publication. A challenge was everything to adapt it in Blogger, a system of content management that leaves little margin for the integration of additional functionalities.

Navigation by thematic

The main challenge was to create a dynamic cover that gave a greater dimension to the project, being done it to grow of Blog to digital Magazine. For it dynamic content based on labels was included, that allow the user to see the last new features on different thematic in the cover from the Web.

Strategy in Social Networks

The Redesign Web was complemented with a relaunching through Social networks. An account in Pinterest was created, managing the boards. In addition promotion the use to Google + to favor search engine optimization, first source of traffic of the situated one.

Design Web for Blogger

A customized design

We concentrated in small the detail that does to a easy design, intuitive and recognizable. We carry out the creation of a menu with subtitles and icons thinking about favoring the traffic in the website.

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