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New Edition of our Actual Course of WordPress

Course WordPress Seville


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It discovers our actual Course of WordPress

With more than 40 projects of WordPress developed to 4 years our agency in the last one has become a referring one For that reason we have decided to send this Course of Initiation to WordPress, to share our knowledge with those people who wish to form. The course is designed so that you learn previous the basic operation of the WordPress surroundings without knowledge. In addition you tutorizamos during 1 hour so that you can give form to your project.

That taught our experience tutors to you?

We have a single objective that you are able to create and to manage your site of WordPress. We want to put it to you easy so that you know the interface WordPress and as creating and managing your blogs or websites. For that reason we have created an ample program concentraod in three days of formation and one customized position of a guardian in which you will among others learn with our course of WordPress aspects a:

  • To install WordPress in a local servant or production.
  • To install and to modify groups.
  • To install plugins that allows your WordPress to have additional functionalities.
  • To create menus, entrances and pages.
  • Slight knowledge on Design Web.
  • To know main plugins to improve the positioning of your Web.

Thanks to these knowledge you will obtain a base for the creation of projects in WordPress.

To whom the course of WordPress goes?

It is a opened course, since it is of initiation but especially it is directed to signallers, publicists, marketers, students and blogeros that want to deepen in the CMS WordPress. As well as businessmen and entrepreneurs who wish to obtain the necessary knowledge for the creation of new projects or the management of already existing sites.

He discovers more on the Course of Initiation to WordPress

Where celebrated is the course of WordPress?

The course is celebrated in the classroom of formation located in the facilities of our agency located , in Tree-lined avenue of Hercules 32.

When it is celebrated?

The term of inscription of the Course of WordPress for the second edition already is open.One will impatirĆ” days 27, 28 and 29 of June in schedule morning of 09:00 h to 14:00 h. The places are limited 5 students by call.

In addition monthly celebaramos a new edition by if it present call does not fit well with your agenda, we can reserve the place your for future calls.

How I register to the Course?

You can register through following form of contact or calling to the 618057517.

Program Course WP Seville

It knows the program our Course of Introduction WordPress

Module 1. Installation and adjustments in WordPress (4 hours)

1. Knowing the logic the WordPress surroundings.
2. To install WordPress in a Real Servant.
3. The configuration files of WordPress: Necessary optimizations.
4. The Writing-desk of WordPress and the setup adjustments.

Module 2. Personalizing our WordPress with native elements (4 hours)

1. Pages versus Entrances.
2. WordPress publisher and the Means library.
3. The Menus.
4. The Widgets.

Unit 3. Plantilla and the Constructor of pages (6 hours)

1. Election of Plantilla. Marcos de Desarrollo.
2. Introduction to the prototipado one of Webs
3. Installation of Group.
4. Common adjustments of Groups.
5. Introduction to Composer Line of vision to construct our own pages.

Module 4. Plugins (5 hours)

1. Repositorio WordPress.
2. Installation of Plugins.
3. Plugins basic that cannot lack in your WordPress: SEO, Antispam and Backup copies.
4. Google Analytics and Google Search Console.
5. Maintenance of Plugins. Frequent errors.

Unit 5. Individual position of a guardian (1 hour)

It knows all the data our course of WordPress

27, 28 and 29 of June
Course Initiation to WordPress
Initiate to you in WordPress with our course of 16 hours with customized tutorizaciĆ³n for your project.

Tree-lined avenue of Hercules 32

Home: 25 of April of 2018
09:00 to 14:00


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