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How to keep in Base de Datos the forms generated in WordPress?

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One of the worse nightmares than can undergo the manager of a business is that the contacts generated by their site of WordPress are lost in the limb. Mainly if you do not have a professional who takes to end the updates of your WordPress and realises the pertinent functional tests, you must contemplate the possibility that an update ruins your system of forms and spend days until DES tells you of it.

In order to be safer you can make than the contacts generated through the forms of your website keep in the data base from your installation in such a way that if its shipment fails and it does not arrive at the e-mail of destiny is at least certainty of his shipment in backend for his consultation. In this tutorial we are going to create a form using plugin that many developers of groups include by defect Contact Form 7. You can unload the package of installation of Contact Form 7 from repositorio of plugins of WordPress.

What plugin we will use to keep the forms?

After installing and publishing the form of contact formed with Contact Form 7 in our website, we are going to install a second plugin that keeps in our data base the data from the form. Several exist plugins that can conduct this battle, fastest and simple to use that we have found it is Log Email. This plugin has a gratuitous version, than sufficient for form more simple. We can install it from repositorio of plugins of WordPress or through Adding Plugin in our installation:

We must consider that this plugin keeps all the post office emitted by the system. This means that if we have installed Woocommerce or WordFence, for example, when an order or an alert of security is registered, this will be kept in the data base, reason why it is important periodically to realise a cleaning of the registries not to relentizar the site.

After the installation you can verify as in the lateral bar of Administration right under plugin Contact Form 7 - Contact will appear the access to Log Email:

To keep WordPress forms on the basis of Data

Where we consulted the kept forms?

We do one tries, once installed both plugins, we will send a mail through form created with Contact Form 7:

Plugin Contact Form 7 to keep on the basis of Data
Clicking in Log Email in ours backend we will see as the email has been introduced in the data base of our installation of WordPress.

Plugin to keep Contact Form 7 in WordPress

Concretely plugin manages through the table wp_email_log, a very simple table that it does not have so that to relentizar our site in excess, although if we recommended to erase the registries regularly:

What has of the premium version of Log Email?

Email Logo has a premium version with characteristic outposts that can interest to you:

  • If you need to keep more fields, especially tinees is indicated if forms with associates.
  • You will be able to send the registries from Log Email towards any email or to answer. For it uses the direction by defect of your servant, although you can form it to use the email address and the name in from? that you wish.
  • A very interesting option is the autoborrado one of the registries, mainly it is recommendable if you use your Web as it lies down online, since it will also pick up the shipments of order confirmation and if you have many transactions can relentizar your data base.
  • Finally, it allows you to export the registries.

Version of WordPress: 4.8.4
Used Plugin: Contact 7 Form and Log Email
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