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Digital magazine on lifestyle

€” Type of Project

Design Web

€” The Objective

The promoters had an objective clear to create a digital magazine from Seville to the world with minimalist aesthetic taking care of around referring of the sector as Cereal Magazine or Kinkfolk. We create a minimalist design although with a Mediterranean touch in that we included the Pantone color of the year, the Choral Living.

The keys of the design

As soon as we began the design process we noticed that the type of content had to guide the type of design and the experience of user. It was not going to be the same to read an article on nutrition, where the word has the major to be able of communication that one of architecture, in which the visual contact through the photo and the video was the determinant. For that reason partio of the idea to separate the types of contents and to create for each type an own group but maintaining the harmony at the same time.

Design of Digital Magazine Invisible Magazine.

The cover has been created with a system of own design based on the architecture of the information and its hierarchy. We divide the different sections and we reduced to the content to the minimum expression - image + to title + excerpt-. In architecture we determined that the visual force had to fall to the images being eliminated the summary and reducing the size of the titles. In the appointments the surprise looks for when interacting with them.

Organization of the Content

Portfolio Agency of Design Web Design Freelance Web.
We flee from the use of sources of services as Google Fonts, if it were wanted to create a design Web with personality were due to study the values that had to transmit the magazine. We reach the conclusion that the typography had to reflect minimalism and contemporneidad in the bodies combined with a typography with serif, classic, so own of the magazines of identifying lifestyle and with the segment.

A source as Baskerville offered a classic but contemporary outline. We decide on its Old family Phase, an update of 1992. Perfect appointments and to selectively break the minimalism of the typography chosen for the body. For the most important body it was that it assured the best possible legibility, after testing with several families, we chose To reconcile.
Sources: Avenir & Baskerville Old Phase
Color of the Text: #000
Primary color:#ff5e5e
Complementary color: #000

Adaptable to any device but with philosophy different.

Tablet and mobile the Web becomes a species of book digital, in which they prioritize the word, inviting the user to enjoy the reading.


From our Agency of Design Web we looked for in this project the perfect balance between graphism, interactivity and image name brand.

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