Digital strategy for Koru Massages

A thought comprehensive strategy to grow

The Objective

The project Integra within a process of growth and consolidation of the brand. The objective one was double on the one hand to strengthen the image name brand through an own design that knew to transfer to the user the quality and proximity of the service. On the other hand it was important to improve the experience of the user in the reserve of appointments and in the bond purchase gift reason why the work of UX it was very important.

The Project shares

Type of Project

Design Web
It lies down Online
Strategy SEO

A meticulous election

All the elements of design of the Web were chosen meticulously to assure to us that they transmitted the same message and they kept harmony to each other. One has looked for to reach a balance between elegance and modernity and that it is reflected in the use of the typographies or the colors. Optimum Nova, a typography with a very light serif was our ally to be able to give that present but modern touch simultaneously to the Web.

Agency of Digital Marketing Case of Success.
Agency of Digital Marketing Case of Success.
Agency of Digital Marketing Case of Success.

The Web does not have to make think the users

In briefing initial, the client indicated that he was very difficult and uncomfortable to reserve in his Web, especially bonds to us gifts. The best way studied to simplify the process and to give to the client the confidence necessary to complete the purchase process. Between improving them realised implement a process of reserves in three steps and one improvement in the process of purchase that it obtained as result and to lprimer month an increase of 400% in the sales with respect to the previous year. Igaulmente occurred the possibility him to the user of reserving by means of WhatsApp completing the contact possibilities.

A complete digital strategy

In Funnytaf not only we were in charge of the design Web, also implement a strategy SEO and SEM that has allowed to Koru Massages to hardly quadruplicate its visits in a year.

Agency of Digital Marketing Case of Success.

We dedicate reflection and planning to many aspects of the design thus we will only obtain strategies that contribute value in the long term to the client.

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