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The Maintenance service Web WordPress that you need. It sleeps calm.

We know that your Web is the form that you must to fulfill the objectives of your business, mantenla updated, fast and safe with our maintenance service Web WordPress.

The Maintenance service Web WordPress that you need

We know that your Web is the form that you must to fulfill the objectives of your business, mantenla updated, fast and safe with our maintenance service Web WordPress

We take care of and we protect your website in WordPress. Your work is to let grow your business, ours to cause that you save time and money

If you are looking for a company of Maintenance Web for WordPress we are yours. Than 100 websites developed more and in maintenance they guarantee to us. We will be in charge to realise backup copies, to maintain your protected WP, to improve the speed, updates of subject and plugins and, if you need it, to even migrate it. Your website will not rob more time to you.
Maintenance Web WordPress. Experts in resolution of incidences with WordPress

We are going to help to remove greater party you to your Web

Backup copies

Backup copies

It assures your investment. We program backup copies of your Web or lies down online. In case of some hackeo, virus or error of configuration you will be able to reclaim a previous state of his Web.


To maintain your Wordpress with customized safety ruleses is vital for the good operation of your Web. Our work is to avoidthreats and malwares in your Web, you do not run risks.


The updates allow that your Web remainssafe and you can implant the last functionalities of the CMS.A policy of updates is vital to maintain your WordPress.


We optimize yourWordPress webpage. Speed and times of load, space liberation we took care of all the details that will differentiate it from the competition. You do not lose sales by a slow Web.

A Maintenance service Web WordPress for your tranquillity

Update of Plugins and Plantillas

We improve the speed of your WordPress

Backup copies with recovery commitment

We solve any incidence with your Hosting

We migrate your Web to another servant

We improve the security of your site

We design banners and new contents

We solve incidences with your e-mail

We improve your UX/UI sigueindo the tendencies

We scan your site in search of Malware

We solve errors 500, 400, etc

Monitoring of time UP

Plans of WordPress Maintenance

All our plans include support for the resolution of doubts related to your site of WordPress. Prices of maintenance for your Web in WordPress clear.

*Estos prices do not include I.V.A

It asks for your Plan of Maintenance Web or technical support for WordPress

We are to help you, if you have some incident with your website contacts to us and we offer a customized solution to you or asks for one of our plans of maintenance Web in WordPress.

A possible service thanks to the confidence of our clients

Than 12 years offering more technological solutions based on WordPress allow us to know the most frequent errors this platform CMS.

Tickets Resolute
Managed Webs
Years of Support WP
Plugins Installed

Doesn't Your servant work correctly?

If its Web has you cut permanently on watch or goes excessively slow, you need to migrate it to a servant of high performance.

We only worked with the best ones

Our Plans of Maintenance include gratuitous migration Web. In Funnytaf we only worked with best hostings and VPS. Specialists in the platforms Web of Management of Content. Optimized for WordPress.Support 24/7, rules antihackeo, servant optimized for each CMS.
Service of Migration of Hosting WordPress

The most trustworthy solution
An equipment of security to its disposition

We monitor with the last toolsyour Web in WordPress, Joomla! or Prestashop. You can be calm we make your available the last technology.
Pursuit: We detect infringements and we corrected them. With our philosophy Zero-day Update it will have always its site updated and without well-known vulnerabilities.
The greater tranquillity: You will never lose your intalación. We maintain an retort of your site and made a will backup copies to guarantee the immediate recovery in case of incidence.

Still you have doubts on our maintenance service Web for WordPress?

Our experience allows to solve you the most frequent doubts us.

I really need the maintenance service Web?
This is one of the main questions that to us our clients when finalziar do their project Web and the answer is simple: yes, your site needs a service of mantenimeinto Web. WordPress realises two types of actualziaciones of maintenance and security. At the moment that one of the actualziaciones of security is not applied your website is vulnerable and has many probabilities of being hackeado.
How invoice to the maintenance service does Web in WordPress?
The Maintenance service Web for WordPress invoices monthly.

It asks for Support for your WordPress now and receives a gratuitous audit.

The Agency of Maintenance Web for WordPress better valued

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