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Deserve does the pain the new extension of form of Google Ads?

Google Ads Gets hold of Use of Extension of Form
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This clear one that every time it is more important to mainly offer to the userconversion possibilities from the announcement in movable devices. The agencies that we dedicated ourselves to Google Ads we know of the importance which they have the extensions of call and location, mainly in businesses that are nourished of clients who are in a near operational range. It is the case of the sector of tourist activities, and in sectors as this good announcement that it invites to turn without needing entering the Web it can mark the difference. In addition we must consider that to interaction with the extensions is something that Google Ads awards, increasing the quality level of ours and therefore reducing our cost by click. In this eagerness of conversion in the own Announcement Google Ads it has sent a new extension: the extension of form.

How work the new does extension to catch leads of Google Ads?

The extensions of form of potential client of Google will be underneath their announcement search in movable devices and tablets and will allow that a user provides his information of direct bonding through his announcement in the SERP. This replaces the necessity that a user visitsthe movable site to realise conversions. If the finder has initiated session in its account of Google, it will accede to a form lodged in Google already filled up previously with his data of contact and can realise the conversion immediately with a single click. Simple truth?

Its configuration is not complicated. We recommended the following video to you of Fernando Mart├şn so that you learn to use these extensions:

Pros and cons of the new extension of form of Google Ads

After several months trying in our expert Agency in Google Ads this type of extensions with some ten advertising accountswe have drawn the following conclusions:

In the future this way they are going to go the shots. It has not been a chance that Google Ads has eliminated its extension of SMS and it offers the possibility to us of integrating a form within the announcements. It is a step more in the plans of the finder so that the user does not leave the same to obtain data or in this case of turning into an announcement. The users will be gotten used to with time obtaining all the data in Google without needing visiting the source of that information. With the announcements of Google Ads it will happen something similar, the announcements of only called and extensions as which we analyzed today in the article are thought so that the conversion is not realised in your landing page, but about the own announcement. However the first results of our experiments throw that the user not yet entrusts himself only than hardly says an announcement to him of 180 characters consequently, like it happens with the announcements of only called the conversions have been residual.

The ideal is to count on a CRM that receives the data. And here it is where is the great problem of this extension. If you do not connect it with a CRM to obtain the data you must be continuously entering your account of Google Ads and unloading an Excel to you the information that has left the user. This reduces the response time since lead is received until the company realises the contact. An integration with the application of Google My Business would be brilliant.

Therefore and since conclusion is necessary to only use this extension in those campaigns in which the announcement speaks by itself. And these campaigns are those where the user has very determined who wishes to conduct the battle to obtain major information.

If you are thought about starting up or you need to optimize your campaign of Google Ads in touch ponte with us and we help you to obtain more efficient campaigns and than they turn.

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