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What maintenance needs WordPress

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If you have arrived at this article diving by Google or Social Redes surely is so that you have the same doubts that a great majority of clients of our Agency of Digital Marketing €śmy Web in WordPress is brilliant, fulfills all expectations, but now that I do€? In this article we are going to speak to you that you must make so that Web done in WordPress of his fruits and can secure your objectives as business through her. We are really going to explain to you that you must consider after sending to your project Web in WordPress.

7.I can be freed of all the load that supposes in my site of WordPress the maintenance, the updates in the design and content, the SEO,?

It knows our Maintenance service

I have done well choosing WordPress?

Many of our clients feel a species of existential emptiness who must fill after the final delivery of their project, feel a content emptiness, others are alarmed when seeing so feared updates ofWordPressand his plugins. We start off of which to realise a Web in does not have anything to do with realising one in, if you have had a previous experience with a blog of, we must tell you that it has known to you to know the graphical interface and little but.

Within the field of UX (Experience of Use) we have this on the parameterreaches:

€śYou must analyze that functionalities require your Web, to what extent they are necessary and as we can take them to end of realistic form€?

If after your first meeting with our equipment or the developer that you have chosen you determine that you wish to make your Web in WP, you must know that once finalizes our work you will have to realise series of as much technical tasks as of content to make arrive at good port your project Webwhich are these tasks?we continue

The key of the maintenance in WordPress: Update of WordPress and Plugins

In order to create your website in WordPress we used a series of components and modules. The main component is the ownmanager of WordPress contents. But with the content manager simply you will be able to create a Blog, and you need a webpage or a store online to fulfill the objectives of your business. For it we required of the small programs that functionalities add extra, most usual are constructors of pages, systems of commerce online, footbridges of payment or firewall to protect to you against the hackers, this is the callsplugins.

WordPress is a development in spiral, this supposes that each version is reviewed and with her his plugins, therefore is necessary to update them to obtain new functionalities mainly and so that your installation is safe. A thing that can seem simple can be complicated if we did not act correctly and incompatibilities or failures are generated that the developers not yet have solved. In addition imagine for a moment to you that you want to turn your webpage into WordPress in store online by means of Woocommerce, if your store, plugins and sole are not updated to the last versions, the last version of Woocommerce that you install most probably will not work correctly.

The security in WordPress

To maintain updated WordPress is not a pretext of your agency or desarrolaldor to continue receiving, to maintain to you updated WordPress is an OBLIGATION of the proprietor of the Web, a WP who is not updated is an uncertain WP, and normally with a high risk of being hackeado. The hackeado being has two consequences mainly: lost of the investment that you have made in the Web and damage to the image of your business.

But with the updates the security is not cover totally, always you will require of a Firewall, yes, just as the one that you have in your computer, this Firewall protects your installation of WordPress de Span, injections of codes, robbery of data, etc. Through file .htaccess also you can protect your Web but for it the best thing is than you speak before with your hosting since some rules can not work in the configuration of Apache of your hosting.

Hosting and Dominio

Normally the only work of your part that will require hosting and the domain is its renovation, but create to us, you will not be the unique one that you have problems with your hosting, and when you have them you will have to determine from where the problem comes they are the resources and is necessary to climb? it is the configuration of Apache? Hasn't certificate SSL renewed correctly?

Perhaps this sounds to you to Chinese, if you choose hosting of quality as SiteGround, you will have it easier, but even so they ten in account that its work is to provide to you with space, not to solve problems in your installation of WordPress. Without a doubt if you want to live calm after realising your Web in WordPress hosting of quality is totally necessary.

Update of the contents and the design of your Web

If you have an actual Web probably you update never its contents but you have a blog or a store online I assure to you that continuously you will be doing it. The update of contents you can carry out them your as long as we are not speaking of elements that modify the design of the Web, in that case or you have sufficient knowledge of CSS and design of interfaces Web or your page will stop transmitting the image that the designer I create initially for the Web of your business.

WordPress is thought so that a person without programming knowledge neither design Web can manage her basic aspects the more, but some tools as Composer Line of vision, Revolution Slider, Divi or Elementor require of technical knowledge of design Web. Some of these elements as the Slide of the main page, for example, are the first element that a visitor of your Web will see, therefore we must take care of their design.

The SEO in WordPress

When creating a project in WordPress in our agency of Digital Marketing we always make 5 questions, most important of them is:

How you think that your clients are going to act to find you?

90% respond through Google, nevertheless, once finalized the design project Web or lie down online are few those that give importance to the SEO and those that less what they leave the SEO into the hands of professionals. In order to take to end a strategy consistent SEO we recommended to you to make use of tools as Semrush or Ahref. This the SEO is a starting point nevertheless goes further on, requires of the writing of contents oriented to the SEO, linkbuilding and optimization of technical aspects as the speed or code HTML of your Web. If you do not consider that a strategy SEO can be profitable for your business, since is to means term and can take in visualizing its results, we recommended to you that you try with the following point: SEM and Facebook and InstagramAds.

I can be freed of all the load that supposes in my site of WordPress the maintenance, the updates in the design and content, the SEO,?

It depends on howshe is contruida your Web in WordPress the load that supposes these daily tasks will be more or less heavy. When the design equipment Web of Funnytaf chooses WordPress as CMS to develop to a project Webfollows possible the philosophy to use the smaller numberof plugins, thus less things will fail during the period of life of the Web and simpler it will be its maintenance, but by experience we know that all the developers Web do not work thus.

Still following this philosophy and unless you want a blog with a predetermined group of WordPress as minimum you will have to update the nucleus of WordPress, several plugins and the group. The SEO, you will have to do it with sense but you will not obtain yield to your strategy of search engine optimization. In the case of SEM and the announcements in social networks, you must optimize your investment.

Of all this load not only you can get rid but obtain the most optimal results to achieve the objectives of your business: sales. If you value the presence of your business in Internet always the best thing is to have professionals of the maintenance of WordPress. For it you can count on an Agency specialized in WordPress and Digital Marketing as ours.


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