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ReCAPTCHA in Contact Form 7 of WordPress installs Google

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You finish finishing your Web in WordPress enters the first form to you of contact of Contact Form 7 but she is not a potential client, is Spam. You do not leave the Spam it consumes time andit ends to you him. In this tutorial we are going to teach to you to install reCAPTCHA V3 for plugin of forms used for WordPress more: Contact Form 7.The invisible Captcha of Google to protect to you of the Spam. We are goingto form your forms and to obtain the necessary key of Google reCAPTCHA. As bonus teaches as hiding to the floating warning of the privacy policy of Google reCAPTCHA to you you your website We begin!

What is Google Recapcha V3 and how it protects to me?

As surely you will know a Captcha is a set of characters or random test that we must introduce when we want to send a form. It is a form to control that is human and that is robot and is the simplest and effective method to fight against the Spam. Google V3 is the new version of reCAPTCHA and has as newness that does not need the interaction user.

Then as he knows if the user is human or no? Very easy Google is based on how that user with your site interacts (click, dwell time that realises, etc)to give a score him between 0 and 1. If it takes 5 seconds in trying to send a form most probably is a robot. Through the API you will be able to even see the puntación that the system has given the person who has sent you the form. I will tell you that by defect everybody begins with 0.5, so you can be calm 99.99% of the real forms will enter to you.

To installGoogle reCAPTCHA in Contact Forms 7

In order to realise this tutorial you will need an account Google. First that you must do it is to obtain it. Later you must obtain the keys to be able to jointly use reCAPTCHA in your site of WordPress with Contact Forms 7 We begin!

1. The first step is to accede with your account of Gmail to

2. Once inside It accedes to your panel of administration, from we will realise the configuration to obtain the keys and to be able to use them inCF 7.

3. Stuffed the field labels putting the name that you wish and selects Version 3.

You will obtain the keys to be able to use reCAPTCHA in your WordPress:

3. Finally you must integrate reCAPTCHA with your WordPress, for it accedes to your WordPress and it looks for the element Contact in the menu and Integration in the submenu. Beam click in the button Integration of the Installation.

It adds to your Clave de Sitio and secret key. It keeps the changes and! he is already ready!

But I don't have to put reCAPTCHA in the forms? If you have updated lately Contact Form 7 you will have realized that under your form appears the old Widget[recaptcha]. Contact Form 7 already does not work with Version 2 of Google reCAPTCHA, for that reason we recommended you that you eliminate the Widget of your forms and update to Version 3.

Bonus: To clear the floating announcement of the privacy policy.

If you have installed it correctly, you will see that to the right of your screen reCAPTCHA is a floating warning of Google. It gives just as you have or a form of Contact Form 7 on the Web will not appear in all the pages of the site. You must know is that Google forces to you to inform into the conditions, but you can eliminate that warning and pass the connections to the foot of your Web. In order to hide the standard of reCAPTCHA it adds following code CSS to the personalizador of WordPress or to your group.

.grecaptcha-badge \ {display: none! important; }

That is everything, thus your forms of Contact Form 7 estaran protégés of Spam. Yes it needs support for WordPress you can in touch put with our support system Web to you.
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