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Jewelry shop of Silver lies down Online

The Objective

We at the same time create a customized design but with own elements of design of the sector as the colors or the typography. We decide on a minimalist design, with some functions defined in the interface Web very well, oriented to simplify the purchase process.

The Project shares

Type of Project

He lies down Online

A sector without referring clear in which to find an own style

After analyzing the prevailing design in the sector we concluded that we had to continue our own way but taking some common elements as the trowel from colors, where prioritized the gray black and tones as well as the typography, a source of Roman style. It was the best way to contribute value to the client, to transmit values as the design, the crafts and the elegance. From the home the objective era by means of the design we positioned in the mind of the user, finding a point of balance between impersonal multinationals and stores online with a design little taken care of.

Design Web
Design Web for store online Seville.

Philosophy Mobile First

The project is boarded from the design philosophy Webmobile first. By experience with other clients of the sector we know that approximately 80% of navigation in the sector were realised by means of smartphone. Under this premise we defined the elements of navigation more used to construct outside easily accessible to an attractive main page and in which the main sections of the store online. We design the cleanest product interface possible, so that product and its shades - own of silver and minerals they would attract the user. From everything one has concentrated there in facilitating the sale.

Better Agency Design Stores Online Seville
It lies down Online of Silver
We choose Optimum as source for heads and menu, for being a Roman source, with serif, but with a noticeable present style. In contrast a letter as Helvetic Neue 55 Roman for the paragraphs contributes a greater modernity to the design although without going off key.
Sources: Optimum& Helvetic 55 Neue Roman
Color of the Text: #272727
Primary color: #272727
Complementary color: #ff5400

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