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The presentPolicy of Privacy and Cookiesregulates the carried out data processings of personal character as a result of the access and use of the www.funnytaf.com webpage (in future, €œthe Web€?) of which is titular S&E Local Development and TICS SCA, (in future Funnytaf ) Also, the present Policy informs on the Cookies used in the Web.


The use of the Web attributes the condition of user (in future,the €œUser€?) and implies the knowledge and the acceptance of all the conditions including in this Policy of Privacy. The User must kindly read the present Policy of Privacy in each one of the occasions that sets out to use the Web, since this one can undergo modifications.

Collection, treatment and use of the personal data in the Web.

On the basis of the arranged thing in Statutory law 15/1999, into 13 of December, Protection of Personal Real Decreto and Character data (in future, €œLOPD€?) 1720/2006,9, into 21 of December, by that the Regulation of Development of the Statutory law 15/1999 is approved (RLOPD), we informed to him that to make use some of the services that offers our Web to them, can be necessary that provides certain personal character data to us that will be incorporated to automated files.

Fulfilling the new dispositions of Regulation (the EU) 2016/679 of the EP and the Council of 27 of April of 2016, whose norms of will be forced fulfillment as of May of 2018, regarding the protection of the natural people with regard to the personal data processing and to the free circulation of these data and by that Directive 95/46/CE is revoked (general Regulation of protection of data), we informed into whichthe person in charge of the treatmentof the data is S&E Local Development and Tics with head office in Tree-lined avenue of Hercules 32-33 1ª plants left door. Funnytaf has registered properly its files in the Agency of Protection of Data, having been able to consult the same in agpd.es.

With general character, the picked up data will be dealt in order to serve offered through the Web or to take care of other types of relations that can arise with Funnytaf as a result of the requests, managements or proceedings that the User realises by means of the Web. The data treatment object will be those that it facilitates to us through the forms that at every moment the page contains orthrough the e-mails that the User directs to the email addresses identified in the same, as well as those others that is generated during the maintenance of the corresponding relation.

All the fields that appear indicated as obligatory in any of the forms will have necessarily to be complimented, in such a way that the omission of some of them will be able to tolerate the impossibility of which we can take care of his request or serve corresponding to him.

Additionally, during this collection of data, it is possible that its consent for another series of purposes is asked for that do not have a direct relation with the service or the corresponding relation. In case it is not in agreement with these additional treatments, it marks or it unmarks the square destined to the effect according to corresponds.

Communications or cessions of data

The data picked up in the www.funnytaf.com webpage will only be communicated to other companies for the development, maintenance and control of the legal relation that settles down or when legal authorization exists to do it.

The acceptance of the user so that they can be tried or be yielded his data in the form established in this paragraph, always has revocable character, without retroactive effects, according to which they have articles 6 and 11 Statutory law 15/1999 of 13 of December.

Outside the assumptions anticipated in the previous paragraph, Funnytaf will not communicate the personal data of the Users to no other third party,except for when its previous consent for it in the legally demanded form is obtained.

Exactitude, update and conservation of the personal data of the Users

When sending to us its data through the predicted forms or by means of e-mail to the corresponding mailboxes, el Usuario declares that the facilitated information and data are exact and truthful, as well as that are greater of 18 years. The services of the Web are not directed to minors of 18 years reason why we do not have predicted paternal consent in any case. It will be responsibility of the User to maintain permanently updated all personal data.

Funnytaf will conserve the personal data while it is necessary to serve or to take care of the requests of the Users and, in any case, by the legally anticipated periods for each case.

Exercise of the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The users will be able to be against to the treatment of anyone of their data that are not essential for the benefit of services supplied in the Web and to its use for any purpose different from the maintenance of their relation of the specified one in the same.

The users are properly informed and therefore they will be able to exert,at any time, his rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the treatment of his data, as well as to revoke his consent or to legally exert his right to the forgetfulness in the predicted terms, going to the following electronic direction: hello@funnytaf.com or to the following mailing dress: Tree-lined avenue of Hercules 32-33 1 plants left and accompanying copy by the document that credits its identity.

Commercial communications

In the cases in which the User has granted his consent to receive commercial communications, Funnytaf will be able to send to the Users commercial information or advertising by any means, including electronic mediums (e-mail, SMS, etc.), it is of general or adapted character to his personal characteristics, on his products and services, including the participation in drawings, events and surveys of satisfaction.

In any case, the User will be able to be against at any time to the remission of commercial communications by means of the shipment of a communication to the mailing dresses or electronic anticipated in the previous section or using the specific means that are clear in the own commercial communications that go to him.

Connected sites

The Web can contain connections with other websites other people's to Funnytaf , so that we cannot guarantee nor we respond of the treatment of the personal data that the user provides in those websites. Consequently, we recommended to him that it reviews the policies of privacy of these sites.

Policy of Cookies

A cookie is a file that unloading in the computer/smartphone/tablet of the user when acceding to certain webpages to store and to recover information on the navigation that takes place from this equipment; for example so that the servant can remember the preferences of that user.

The information that stores the cookies does not reveal its identity, nor personal data any, nor accedes to the content stored in its device, but that allows to our system identificárlolo as a certain user that either the Web visited previously, visualized certain pages, etc. and in addition allows to keep its personal preferences and technical information as for example the realised visits or concrete pages that visit.

This site usesown cookies:

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This website uses the followingcookiesof third parties:

Google Analytics

Additional notes

Neither this Web nor its legal representatives become people in charge nor of the content nor of the veracity of the privacy policies that can have the third parties mentioned in this policy of cookies.

The navigators Web are the tools in charge to store the cookies and from this place the elimination or decontamination of these must carry out its right. Neither this Web nor its legal representatives can guarantee the correct or incorrect manipulation of the cookies on the part of the mentioned navigators.

In some cases it is necessary to install cookies so that the navigator does not forget his decision nonacceptance of these.

Decontamination of cookies

The majority of navigators Web allows to manage, at any time, the preferences of the usuary one on the use of the cookies. You can change the configuration of cookies at any time, forming his navigator through the options that each manufacturer facilitates to accept or not them cookies that receive, or so that the navigator warns to him when a servant wants to keep a cookie.

Connections or indications of the manufacturers of devices and navigators for the management or decontamination of cookies in its navigator:

Internet Explorer:





Edition > Preferences > Privacy > Bloquear cookies (to select €œalways€?).

Mozilla Firefox:


It operates:



Menu > More > Ajustes > Ajustes of privacy.



Safari (IOS):


Windows Phone:


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