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What must have my company as soon as digital marketing for 2018?

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Many of the readers of our community surely already count on different tools from digital marketing as they can be Webs, stores online, is present in social networks and a certain data base of clients. Nevertheless to count nowadays on a Web or lies down no longer online is sufficient, but it comprises of a whole, that is to say, all these tools must go under a same captain andat the moment it is the Digital Strategy.

We surely suppose that we have a captain of boat of 80 years ago, something to take a boat knows, but at technological level it has been surpassed and it counts on very many new tools that do not know or that well this applying and that would not contribute to much greater security and reduction to him of time. In this year 2018 we were at the same moment, the changes at technological level as far as digital marketing change to a frenetic rate and we must be preparations. As you know to Entrebits in a company dedicated to DiseƱo Web and Digital Marketing well and once again we want to help to hundreds of businessmen and entrepreneurs to lead back the situation with key aspects with our article:

What must have my company as soon as digital marketing for 2018?

Since we have commented previously all account and each part has its importance, but so that you can have something more concrete we are goingto assign a certain value to him to each factor of digital marketing for the 2018 so that altogether you value on 100 in whichever factors you can fail and retake your strategy again. Without a doubt we hoped that it serves this interesting article to you.

1. To have a strategy of digital marketing. Surely the majority of you who you read to us you do not have any developed, either for want of time or because your supplier of services in the majority of cases has made you a Web, publishes a few times by social networks and finalized work to you. ERROR. Every year we must have a good strategy designed and raised and that settles down some objectives, that go from Branding to sales. Sure for it we must count on our captain that mans and implants this vital strategy for the survival in the world online.

We assign to the factor Strategy Digital Marketing 30 Points.

2. Design Web under last tendencies. To count on a Web of three or four years ago is not sufficient. To have our Web with advanced designs does not have to suppose a cost, but an investment in maintaining the own image of the up-to-date and renewed company as. Many of the people who always arrive to us commit the same error and they say the famous phrase to us €œis a company that develops my Web to me by 300 Euros€?. Surely there are them, the problem is that this company surely is not giving an integral service you, correct and professional because the Web is not everything what we see in a navigator, there are hundreds of factors and necessary technical questions so that our Web prevails. For example you knew that Google as much has a different algorithm for Webs as for mobiles, this means that the positioning in Google can vary as much in our Web for the tablecloth version, as in the movable version.

We assign to the factor Design Web 25 points.

3. Strategy SEO. This is another one of the questions that the companies usually ignore, but is vital for the success of a company. SEO like all that with the new technologies is changing year after year, as much by tendencies, as new functionalities that Google offers to us and we must be useful. Technician is a work very and who not only is based on repeating words. Entrebits is a company of Design Web and Positioning SEO

We assign to the factor SEO 25 points.

4. It is present in the Social Networks. The presence in social networks is not only enough with publishing content of habitual form without following any script. We must cause that it really fulfills one double mission: do branding and generate sales, as we have seen in another one of our articles (As selling more through Facebook) than you can see here. In order to create the complete strategy it is not only to publish, the social networks for companies are thought to arrive at more people and how we obtained this? then through the publicity.

We assign to the factor of social networks 10 points

5. To connect the data of social networks and our Web. You know that already the traffic data can be crossed? and usuary between our social networks? and our store online. Surely you have not heard speak to envelope it but he is something vital to improve our processes of sale. Without this last step hardly you make profitable your investments in publicity. But to apply this, the best thing is than you put yourself into the hands of experts.

Now that already you have a more complete vision, you would have to add the points of each section and if your value does not surpass 80% something you will not be doing correctly. It remembers that Entrebits can offer consultancy to you in all these services or to offer integral solutions to you for your company.

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