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That must have a designed good Web?


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Objectively we wondered ourselves what must have my Web so that this designed good, a good designer Web works with criteria objectives, only therefore it is possible to be obtained that the Web turns and that the visitor feels near and trusting in carrying out an action in the website. In this article we want to give some you you rule generals who will assure that your design Web is consistent and transmits the values of your brand.

It must represent the values of your brand

The brand is essential; It helps you to create confidence with your objective public, for that reason before a good Web you must have a good corporative identity. The Web will not be more than element of this identity. A bad corporative identity or that is not in syntony with your clients is the first step so that your Web does not turn. The Web must be the reflection of that brand, beyond the typography or the used color, must be able to connect with your potential clients through design.

Simple Mantenlo

The design that concentrates in the simplicity, never fails. Here we played with the calls relation concepts, all the elements of design must be related to each other of a way clearly. So that it is easy our visitors to sail and to find the information that they are looking for quickly, we always must decide on a simple design.

Most important it is to construct a webpage that is simple, legible and easy to understand.

Example of design minimalist, perfect Web for a Web with few sections.

It organizes your content

We arrive at one from the key points, the development of a Web cannot be completed if it does not have texts and images. The texts must represent what the company wants to transmit, easy to read itself and comprehensible for the all the public and most important to be optimized for the positioning Web.

Once you know the objective your website and its objective public, you can begin to modify the content so that one adjusts to the goals. AseguratƩ to give to your visitors valuable and excellent information that it is easily accessible.

Color theory

The most common error that people commit in the design of her Web is to put in a great variety of colors in its design Web. The scheme of colors of its website is an important and critical factor in the design, and can have a dramatic impact in its possible success.

To choose the suitable colors never is a easy task. Nevertheless, there are numerous tools in line that can use to help him to create color tones or to find the colors correctly to complement. The colors have the power to affect our feelings, perceptions and even interactions, reason why before choosing the scheme of colors of your website, he is vital to acquire a basic understanding of the color and its effects.

Foundations of typography

The use of the suitable source can provide a complete aspect of your design Web; It plays an important role in the provision of visual hierarchy and resistances. But as with the colors, it is easy to be mistaken with the election ofthe sources.

Arimo, one of the favorite sources of our equipment of design Web by its simplicity and adaptation

The importance of the spaces in target in the design Web

If you have dealt with a designer Web you will have heard speak of the breathing of the content. It is a way to talk about to the spaces in target between the elements. The space is free, unlike the design for impression a servant will not receive more to leave a little extra space us between the elements of our website. Our recommendation as Web rules for the design is that they exist at least between 50 and 70 pixels between each element. In addition you will have to consider that in movable devices the space pretends to be greater, due to the reduced size of the screen.

To add space between lines and paragraphs will provide a cleaner, organized and professional appearance. To give space to the elements also is useful to create an approach in your website.

Appropriate alignment

You knew that Google penalizes to the Webs that have the just text? If you use WordPress you will have phelp attention that you cannot justify the text. Everything has a sense, to justify a text causes that the hollows between the words are not uniform, and this especially in small screens is I inconvenience, making our flowed design little. Not only we must center us in the alignment of the text. Other elements as the images, or bonotes must be also correctly aligned.

The alignment is used to improve the design and it is not only a question of if to align text or images to the left, right or center of the design. The use of a correct and clear alignment will cause that the design of your site is visually more attractive and easier to use.

Photographies that inspire to the visitors

A set of good photographies will cause that your website is seen better and transmits the values of your brand. Forget you the gratuitous banks of images and sella real experience to your users. In order to help to increase the credibility of your site and to generate so longed for confidence in the client, you must take your own photos from quality or if you have budget available, to order a session of photo, so important it is a good design Web as a set of images that speaks of your brand.

Center you in the conversion with simple forms of contact

You do not torment the visitors who wish to obtain more data on your service or products with fields of forms of little relevance. Your visitors arrive at your Web with an interest, you must put it easy and here the design of clean, nice forms of contact and usables is fundamental.

To be consisting of the design Web

And not finally less important, your Web must be consistent. For it we recommended to you that you create a simple manual of style, you determine sources, colors, spaces in target, sizes of the images, et cetera. The consistency in the design elements is of extreme importance. As with the alignment, we lie down to notice inconsistencies of elements in a website if as visitors we have the expectation of which all the pages that compose it look like to each other.

If you need something more than a Web, ponte in touch with us and we will create a complete digital strategy to you.

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