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What is the vanishing points and as improving them in Woocommerce

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Once we have concluded with the design Web of a store online, and happens to production arrives the moment from its optimization. The objective is to be measuring and implementing long term improvements that allow to increase our conversions us, one of the elements most important to optimize here in our store online is the calls vanishing points. Although this article is destined in its practical part those users of Woocommerce, is valid for any platform of electronic commerce.

What is a vanishing point and as detecting them?

A vanishing point is an element of our store online that has in the buying potential a dissuasive effect to the purchase, tenth buying potential, so that the vanishing points acquire special relevance in the Cart and Box. To control the vanishing points has without a doubt a very positive effect on the cart abandonments.In order to detect them the ideal it is to make test A/B of usability, being changed for example the location of the bellboys in the cart, modifying the fields of the form of checkout, et cetera. Through the tool of Google Analytics also we will be able to analyze the vanishing points through his tool Page Analytics.

What is Page Analytics and as to integrate it in our store online?

In order to use Page Analytics you must have installed Google Analytics in your store online of Woocommerce, for it can use plugin MonsterInsights or if you have knowledge to include the code of Analytics in header of your group.

Once you have installed, you must add it the extension to Google Chrome and you will already be able to use it.

When activating it you will be able to see where your visits make click. Ten in account that measures by URL, in such a way that if in your Web you have a connection to the same URL in two places, for example in the menu and a call to the action, you will obtain the same percentage in both places.

Thus, through heat map you can detect in certain pages by where your visitors escape themselves. A metric one to control is without a doubt the percentage of exit. IF you have a percentage of high exit in the cart or the screen of box of your store online without a doubt, you have a problem of conversion brought about by vanishing points. In this can help Google Anlytics and Page you Analytics, but you would ask yourself as I can try if hiding the vanishing points the situation improves? The answer is Google Optimize.

Google Optimize for A/B/n test

A A/B/n test must as objective compare an original version of our page with at least one that contains a modification and measure the yield. The A/B/n tests must be realised under circumstancesthe most seemed possible. For example we can test A/B changing the text of the button To finalize Purchase of Woocommerce To go to the Payment and to verify if with this new chain more clicks in the button are received. In this article of Shopify you can see some of extended tests A/B in electronic Commerce more.In order to realise this type of test we recommended to you that you use Optimize with Google Analytics, very simple and intuitive. We recommended to you that plant lice the test results A/B in percentage of conversions.

Optimizing our Site of electronic Commerce in Woocommerce

In order to reduce the vanishing points of our Woocommerce we can use several techniques. The objective is simple, to avoid that the person leaves the process of purchase by distractions or deficiencies in the design.

Usability: To continue Buying

We have commented that as much in Cart as Box the ideal is to eliminate all the distractions, these is very well, but we must use it with moderation. They can exist usuary that really has forgotten to add something to them to the Cart and must return to the store, although 80% will click in the logo of the store, within the cart summaries we must include a button to continue buying that allows the user to return to the store. And by all means if our store has special conditions of purchase, shipment or return must sufficiently be clear, we do not have to confuse the superfluous thing with the legally necessary thing.

Nevertheless if you eliminate these elements assures you to add a button To continue Buying your page of cart, or modifying the code of the group or if you use a visual publisher type Visual Composer or Divi adding the button by means of addon Button or HTML. For it you can add the following code through HTML:

<a href= " class= " checkout-button button wc-forward " > TO FOLLOW COMPRANDO</a>

To hide to the Menu of navigation and the Footer

If you use a constructor of pages Divi type or Visual Composer you must look for the pages of Carrito and Checkout and only hide by CSS in these pages the Footer and the Menu, the used class will depend on the group, but in the majority of the cases it corresponds with .menu-wrapper and .main-footer. The code that you must addwill be very similar to this: \ {display: none! important;} to.main-footer \ {display: none! important;}

It remembers that you must add it only in the cart pages and finalize purchase. If it beams in the group options you will erase it of all the Web. Next I leave an example you in Composer Line of vision. In order to accede to the customized CSS of page you click in the gear.

It reduces to the flight remembering something important to the user

Another form to reduce the flight is to remember our visitors who our site is safe, that we have gratuitous shipment or that our shipments are realised in a time record In the case of the gratuitous shipment by a minimum amount this strategy can serve to even increase the average amount of the cart. To do it for Woocommerce is very easy thanks to plugin Cart for Notices Woocommerce. Although it has very few opinions we assured to you that it works very well and its configuration is very simple as we will see now. In order to install you only must it accede to repositorio of WordPressand unload the installation file. It installs as any other plugin and already you can form it from the connection within the menu of Administration of Woocommerce. First that you must do is to define the warning, you can use HTML, reason why you can create the warning with the content and the format that you wish:

Pluging for warnings in cart woocommerce

Later you will have to define the rule. Several types of rule exist, we we are going to define one of minimum order. The premium version is reasonable has very interesting functions as the lapsing of the warning.

Woocommerce warning in cart configuration

Finally click keeps doing it in Knows Notice and verifies the warning in cart:

Woocommerce warnings in cart plugin

These are some advice who we give you from Between Bits optimizing your store online and reducing the vanishing points. If you have some doubt consults to us.

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Version of WordPress: The Plugin have tried on in 4.8.1 WP and Woocommerce 3.12
Used Plugin: Cart for Notices Woocommerce
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