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You want to learn WordPress but you don't have Hosting?

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Today we want to you to present a software in line that it can help you if you are home with WordPress. Popularly SandBox call, allows to have you a clean installation of WordPress to test, either to install a group, plugins or simply to deepen a little the more in the options of configuration of WordPress without putting in risk an installation in production. You do not need hosting, nor a local servant, reason why he is perfect to begin.

What is sandbox and so that it serves is what we denominated the developers a Sandbox, is not more than surroundings of tests that will allow you to face you a real installation of WordPress. He is not hostinn of gratuitous, therefore you will not be able to learn to install a WordPress, nor to improve the security by means of .htaccess, for example, but it will serve you for simple operations as proving a subject or plugin without having to install it in real surroundings. Many novices in WordPress are scared to be called on to options outposts in groups or plugins by fear to desconfigurar their installation, with this €œsand table€? for WordPress everything is easier since you will not run risks. Although always we recommended to have to you a maintenance service ofWordPress tothe recovery of disasters.

How use

To day of today it is not obligatoryto register itself, simply to go to to click

Mantenimeinto WordPress in the cloud

When doing click you will see an installation of WordPress totally cleans, and some credential that we recommended to you that notes you will be able to recover your SandBox in the future. It remembers that it will be eliminated the 7 days, although you can extend registering it to you. It is thought to test temporary to make developments you have other tools that allow you to create a local servant as XAMPP.

SandBox for WordPress

We are going to test, we are going to install Woocommerce 3.0. For it already we have unloaded plugin and we have gone to New Plugins > AƱadir (Add New) and have selected the package of installation of our hard disk:

SandBox for WordPress

We verify since one has settled in our installation of WordPress, Woocommerce. We can add products, make a configuration through assistant, et cetera, thus you will be able to test to install Woocommerce before doing it in the definitive installation or trying if your group is compatible with the last version of plugin:

In order to finish we are going to install in our SandBox de WordPress a group. I already know that he is not compatible with Woocommerce 3,0, but want to verify it through test surroundings. Seemingly > Subjects, we add our new group, in this case a premium group for Woocommerce:

Test of WordPress before updating

We can verify within the state of the system of Woocommerce that are archives of the group (overides) noncompatible with the version of Woocommerce which we have installed. This it is a clear example in which can be useful.

In Entrebits we offer maintenance for WordPress you are where you are from our headquarters Inform to you into our plans of Maintenance forWordPressand always remain updated, and surely calm.

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