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Design Web for the Spanish Association of Biodinámicos Producers

€” The Objective

The first that we made in the Agency to create line of design of this project was to really understand in what consistia biodynamic agriculture. We noticed that the center of biodynamic agriculture was the simplification and the importance of the people to the front of each project who conform the association. Therefore the design had to be simple but with much personality.

€” The Project shares

€” Type of Project

Design Web
Design Gráfico and Brandbook developed by Studio Ebony

The keys of the design

How to endow with personality to the design Web of Surya? The answer is with small details and images with personality. Small details as taking care of the typesetter hierarchy, have allowed us to use messages that hit the visitor, without needing reading all the text. In this way the user who wants to know more on biodynamic agriculture can remain with the essential or deepen. The images constitute 90% of the impact that receives a user when visiting a Web, in this project of design Web was essential to use own images, even making protagonists to its promoters. Another small detail that it equips with personality was the use of the animations, slow and of down upwards, as if they appeared from the ground.

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Cleaning and simplicity to transmit an alternative message

Biodynamic agriculture uses traditional techniques. Thus it is only possible to create the best product. The used design is based more on simplicity, centering to us in as we must distribute the different elements in the space, so that they are not hindered to each other. The absence of curved elements in the design transmits this sensation of simplicity.

A joint work with Studio Ebony

The work of design Web has been realised in consensus with brandbook realised by Studio Ebony. Respecting the directives on typography, colors and plots the Web of Surya has been constructed in order to continue the given line of design. Thus the different sections from Web maintain coherence to each other.


For our Agency of Design Web he is vital to know history behind the brand, thus we will only be able to create a design that it connects with the users objective.

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