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[Learns to use the color in your DiseƱo Web Tendencies 2019 šŸŽØ]


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In order to mark to tendency with your design Webyou must consider the use of the color at the time of designing the interface. Thus you will only be able to mark differencewith respect to the other pages of the competition.

In this article we will give to a seriesof keys and tendencies you so that you knowto useit in your design Web.

We are going to introduce you inthe exciting world of the colors and the design Web being analyzed the composition of the colors.

Chromatic circle as starting point to begin your design.

What we normally know of the chromatic circle is that in the primary colors are included, the secondary ones and little more, and why it serves? We can say that it is the €œbox of Pandora of the color€? then in him are all the secrets and all the keys that we needed to design a webpage correctly. This it is divided in:

  • Primary colors: colors that are not obtained from the mixture between colors. Red, yellow and blue
  • Secondary colors: colors that are obtained from the mixture to equal parts of two primary colors. Orange, green and dwelled.
  • Tertiary colors: equal parts of primary and a secondary one are obtained when mixing.Greenish, blue yellow greenish, blue violĆ”ceo, red violĆ”ceo, red orange, yellow orange.

Types of colors in the design Web. Color theory in the design of interfaces Web.

Harmonies of color

The harmony is essential since if are to be related to each other all the colors of a composition, they must adjust to all unified. Fundamental objections exist at the outset but on which the rules of the harmony of the color are based. This principle conceives a composition ofcolorsas a set where everything adjusts to everything. If this rule did not pass the design of your webpage

  • Monocromas: this range is based on a single color. By means of variations of saturation of the same, different tonalities are obtained. It is not a resistance range. This harmony of color is recommended for design aesthetic Web with a very minimalist one.
  • Complementary combination: the colors that are one against the other in the color wheel consider complementary colors.The high contrast of the complementary colors creates a vibrant aspect, especially when it is used in the complete saturation. This type of harmony works well when he is wanted to emphasize something. He is perfect for companies that want to transmit in their design Web their corporative image, that is associate as well to a color in particular.
  • Analogous: colors are used that are one next to the other in the color wheel. Generally they adapt well and they create calm and comfortable designs.This type of scheme is necessary to make sure to have sufficientresistance when choosing.
  • Combination of triĆ”dicos colors:it uses equidistant colors around the color wheel.The triĆ”dicas combinations lie down to being quite vibrant, even if they use pale or insaturadas versions of his shades. In order to use well this scheme a dominant color and other two for the accent will be used.
  • Split-complementary:it is a variation of the complementary one.In addition to the color it bases, both uses adjacent colors to his complement.This combination of colors has the same fort resists line of vision as the combination of complementary colors, but it has less tension. The split-complementary one usually is used in small elements of the design Web, as for example bellboys to add to the cart or states as when we passed the mouse over an element (Hover).
  • Combination tĆ©tradas colors:The rectangle or tetrĆ”dica combination of colors uses four colors ready in two complementary pairs.This combination offers a pile of variation possibilities.Also it must pay attention to the balance between the warm and cold colors.

Psychology of color [Meant of the colors]

Tendencies to use the color in the design Web [Updated 2019]

Table of contents

  1. Trowels and printings inspired by years 80 and 90
  2. Interactions based on the color of the design Web
  3. The brutalismo
  4. Strong bottom in webpage
  5. To count a history

1. Trowels and printings inspired by years 80 and 90.

Years 80 and 90 are occupying an important site in the design Web with electrical combinations of shining colors and tones. These new designs contribute great resistances of color being able to get to create an unforgettable visual experience.

Although the designers totally are enamored with this new tendency in design Web, must be used with well-taken care of since he does not adjust to all the aesthetic ones and it is necessary to always have in mind to the brand.

A clear example of it is Spotify.

Example of design Web based on years 70 and 80

2. Interactions based on the color of the design Web

The designers now are using the colors to help to the user in their experience within the pages Webs. The color is a good ally of the design Web thanks to its functionality.

The colors do not have to be the way to understand the navigation of the webpage, since a percentage of the population can undergo problems to see them correctly.

For this reason, they must be used to improve the use and the aesthetic one of the webpage and to create a experience of unique navigation.

3. The brutalismo, one of the main tendencies in design Web of 2019

Assuming that the color is component a key one that can get to transform a webpage, the brutalismo arrives as one from the main tendencies in design Web of 2019 producing some trowels of brutal colors, unexpected designs and one ample range of colors.

This tendency,attracts the user and creates a design unforgettable Web.

Brutalismo in the design Web. Use of the colors and sources.

4. Strong bottom in webpage

In order to secure a good design, a colorful bottom is a good very powerful option and. It can even be used as bottom of the webpage or for a specific section, but when the bottom of the webpage is made well, it can help to that a section emphasizes.

This tendency can accompany to a minimalist style, creating a fantasticdesign and a perfect visual navigation.

Finally, it is necessary to consider that is not necessary to use a shining basic color to cause that something emphasizes, each brand must adapt to its corporative identity.

Tendency in design Web 2019. Web of Mailchimp.

5. To count a history

The design of the webpage will once again tell to a history related to the company, considering the corporative identity and what it is desired to transmit to the user for the election of the colors and bottom to use.

In order to be able to arrive at against a history, we must consider the visual elements (drawings, photographies, videos) and the color used in the design Web.

To part to use this tendency to count a history in the initial page of the webpage of the brand, we can take it to the sections, the different sections can have a different design, being based on the content of each of them and counting a different history. The important thing is to hook the user to know and to feel identified with history that we counted through our design Web, in that a color can be the perfect wire.

Example of Story Telling in the design Web.

The use of the color every time is more strategic at the time of designinga webpage. This makes that this it has personality, identity name brand and effectiveness with the client.

The use of the colors will be changing in accordance with that the designers are advancing and the tendencies changing.

Our advice before creating a webpage is that you think first what public you go and what you want to show with your design Web and coverall has professionals who can orient to you in this project.

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