E-Commerce strategy for SantamarĆ­a Joyeros

€” The Objective

It was left from a Store Online that had not generated any sale. We as much carry out a detailed analysis of UX and UI finding innumerable errors in the presentation of the information as in the purchase process. The project was faced on the part of the Agency as something totally new and with a solid experience ofuser in navigators desktop, tablets and movable devices

€” Type of Project

DesignLies down Online
UX consultancy

Transforming a E-Commerce strategy

With more than 50 years to his Santamarƭa Joyeros backs it represents the tradition jeweler It needed to make his rhelp in the Ecommerce to arrive at new markets competing with brands as SuƔrez or Rabat. The product page is very important in this project, was chosen to create a compact page, with clear a typesetter hierarchy. Within the UX study we observed that it was very important to give the option to the user of being able to contact with an adviser who guided to him in the purchase process and he dissipated the doubts to him.

Ecommerce in Sevilla DiseƱo of Store Online in Prestashop gets hold of.

Oriented to movable device

Without a doubt one of the great problems that we were with the preexisting design was the null movable usability that offered. The social networks are an important pillar in the Ecommerce strategy de SantamarĆ­a Joyeros, reason why the usability in mobile had to be guaranteed. The design still adapted in mobile doing it more compact, retiring the information that generated noise and it did not invite to the purchase. Also we optimized the process of purchase in mobile to do it nicest and sequential possible.

Ecommerce in Sevilla DiseƱo of Store Online in Prestashop gets hold of.

Typography and negative space

We choose for the heads a typography with serif, condensed and with a height of the generous x, really perfect an elegant and streamlined source to reflect the values of the high jewelry shop. The chosen one was Merriweather. Whereas for the bodies we wanted to guarantee the legibility with Raleway first of all. Typography that we have used in some subtitles, equipping it with elegance with a major spaced between letters. We have exquisitely dealed with the uses negative spaces so that altogether it transmitted certain minimalism and harmony and it is that in a jewelry shop the true protagonists are without a doubt the products.

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