It lies down Online for Patricia Bazarot

Fashionable designer

Type of Project

Design Web

The Objective

Partiamos of a prexistente project reason why the efforts concentrated in improving the usability of the website and the store online. We leave from the necessity that in the same space it coexisted in Atelier and the Store Online, to facilitate navigation was created a different megamen that grouped the category following this double slope.

A Web, two needs

A Web with one double slope was required, on the one hand, a store online and on the other atelier. So that the structure of the Web coexisted both slopes correctly reframing.

Design Web

Improvement of the Security and Speed

It was realised an improvement of the security of the site and the speed. For it superior with CDN and dynamic system of cache migrated to a servant, that reduced the time of load to half. In security questions an audit was realised that it gave as result a case of Pharma Hack that autogenerated connections. The site was cleaned and additional safety measures concerning servant as of installation settled down as much.

Seville Fashion lies down Online

Trowel of colors and sources

Buscabamos a minimalist Web and simple, centered in the product and the creativity of the designer Patricia Bazarot, for that reason simplified the trowel of colors to the maximum and clean sources and without serif were used. In some header a Shadow effect was created to contribute a small one from design to the site.

RGB (22, 22, 22)
RGB (255, 255, 255)
Source design Web
Source design Web

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