It lies down Online for Carmen Moreno

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€” Type of Project

He lies down Online
Social Average

€” The Objective

The objective is to relaunch through sale channel online the Carmen Moreno Brand. To establish the bases through a focused Store Online to a segment of the market previously studied and in accordance with the strategy of Social Average designed by our equipment.

A Relaunching based on Marketing Online

After a first contact decidiio on the part of our equipment to carry out the relaunching of a brand with the great prestige and implantation through sale channel exclusively online. For it the prexistentes tools were not adapted reason why the first decision was the accomplishment of a centered Store Online in the objective user. Segmenting this user the creation of a store online easy has taken to end to use but that it transmits the values that a'un continues representing the brand.

Store Online accessories

Visual intelligence

We have created a Web centered in the user, clean and intuitive, with a clear hierarchy of elements although based on the functionalities that to us a platform as Woocommerce offers. The product cards have been extended integrating a GuĆ­a de Compra and a more attractive vi for the introduction of the variability of the product.


Base of Color & Fuentes

The text is distributed in two primary and secondary colors to indicate the element. For the Web a primary color has been chosen the green tone corporative Pantone 296 Cs. As far as the source buscabamos a source that allowed us to play with reduced weights reinforcing the message of simplicity and minimalism of the concept Web.

Design Web

Final design

The main page represents all the concepts applied in this project Web. We do not have to forget some important functional aspects as the Wishlist or the Filtrate products in the catalogue pages that also have been designed in accordance with the site.

Design Web

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