It lies down Online for Lamágora

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€” Type of Project

He lies down Online
Positioning Web

€” The Objective

In this project we carried out the design and configuration of store online for the brand of Lamágora accessories located in Seville. The brand counted on a great presence in Social Networks and the necessity to tell on an agreed store online its image that allowed him to turn visits into sales.

An identity for a business born in the world online

Originally the equipment had a store online that it had undergone a desconfiguración of the group by an update of system of electronic commerce, detected the error and in view of the situation of the installation that already had happened through several hands without result we jointly decided with the client to create a new installation and a strategy long term SEO that positioned the brand in its segment. First that we did it was to save the content, products and entrances of the Blog and to pass it to a clean installation from which we have created a new centered store online in the movable usability and the reflection of the spirit of the brand.

A store online in continuous evolution

In Funnytaf we had been four years working jointly with Lamágora to remove all the party to its digital strategy. The Web evolves every six months incorporating new functionalities and adapting the design to the last tendencies. We have been in charge of a strategy SEO that has had as result the positioning in top 3 in most of the contemplated keywords.

Design Web

Adapted to all the movable devices

Thought to complement to the campaigns in Social Networks, where the traffic comes mainly from movable device.

Design Web in Sevilla.Ejemplo of store online in WooCommerce.

Integration with Tools of Advanced marketing

Instagram is one of the main sources of entrances of the store online. The user is important to feel that this social network is present during its process of purchase and decision making. For that reason he has integrated himself of a visual way as a panel in the main page. Other integrated tools to improve the conversion have been the Chat of attention to the client of Facebook, the Pixel of Facebook for an automatic product synchronization and Mailchimp as manager of lists of Newsletter.

Instagram in your Web

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