Lorena Subires lies down Online

Urban Fashion lies down Online

The Objective

From the Agency we hadto adapt the design of the store online to the young and urban spirit of the collections of Lorena Subires. A project oriented to the growth, continuation of a constructed storeonline by means of a platform of marketplaceby the promoter of the project.

The Project shares

Type of Project

He lies down Online

Of the impersonal thing to the personnel

The original project was created in 2014 and based its E-Commerce strategy on the platform Tic Tail. The development of the new store online has supposed to happen of an impersonal design to which it reflects the philosophy of the Lorena Subires brand. For that reason a minimalist design for the store online with a maximalist design has been combined to show to the publishing houses of the collections, obtaining the greater possible visual impact in the end user.

Design Web
Design Web for store online Seville.

The importance of maintaining the balance

It was important at any moment to maintain the balance between the store online and the section dedicated tothe collections within the architecture of information of the website, transmitting the values of the brand. At the meeting initial of planning we discovered that clientwas important to maintainthis balance to it. Our objective era to instill feelings of politeness, joy and youth in each aspect of the website. And what better elements to transmit these values that the images. Counting on an ample bottom of quality images the design process it was simplified to the maximum to obtain a starting point and from this point to construct the functional part of the site with an interface differentiated for both sections.

Agency of Design Web
Better Agency Design Stores Online Seville
Sources: Montserrat & Miriam Libre
Color of the Text: #000000
Primary color: #ffffff
Complementary color: #a20d0d
Better Agency Design Stores Online Seville

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