Design Web for Property of Medina

Property for Events

€” Type of Project

Design Web
Social Average
Google Ads

€” The Objective

By the type of business we decided that the most suitable era to most of develop the content in a page exclusively, that managed to catch the attention of the visitor. One was designed landing page where there are outstanding those small details of a Property of Century XVIII, putting in value its exclusive feature for the future client. Everything has complemented with a long term strategy in Social Networks and campaigns in Google Ads.

A very special design for a place with history

In our agency we think that the design Web must count a history to connect with the user. For that reason the main page has been formed as a history. With sections that occupy the 100% of the height of the screen and that are followed one another when doing scroll. This allows to give to the user a clear message us at every moment. The webpage of Property of Medina arranges in addition to a version in English, key to catch the international client. It has been wanted to create a design Web centered in the small details of the property and in the experience that can live the user in her.

Design Web

Strategy of Positioning

In addition we took to end workings of Copywritting to present celebrations that are carried out in the Property. In this way we have updated portfolio of the Property and created a community supporting us in the Social Networks Facebook and Instagram.

Agency of Design Web Web for Property of Weddings.

Adapted to all the movable devices

In order to finish this project, on the necessity was insisted to have the version of the Web, 100% adapted to movable devices, having a design to size and fulfilling the expectations for the users of smartphones.

Design Web Responsive

Virtual tour

In this sector he is determining to offer to the user the greater possible information on the spaces available. For that reason from our agency we realised a virtual route that allows the visitors to cross Property of Medina to the Complete one.

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